A Nation of Faith

It’s the Twin Towers All Over Again.

We must be blessed to have such prescient beings holding power in our nation. For the all-knowing people who have made recent major decisions, have not had to show or prove anything before acting in our names with our resources. Truly this is a nation of faith.

Within days of the calamity of September 11, this government announced that it knew who had perpetrated the event. It gave an ultimatum to the Taliban government in Afghanistan to turn over members of Al Qaeda they deemed culpable, or the US would put together an military force to remove them from power.  Within weeks the US government did amass that force and did take over the nation of Afghanistan as their response to the disaster that took nearly 3,000 lives.

Many say the warnings for this event were numerous and clear, but ignored. Nonetheless, the Bush Administration acted boldly with energy to show the world we would not be toyed with.

Comes the new calamity of the credit system meltdown. Within days we had announced the necessary bold new plan to save the credibility of the markets. It was “time to act” we were told, not time to debate.

In neither case was there ever a proper or thorough investigation before dramatic and drastic actions costing the nation huge quantities of material and human resources.

This latest disaster arguably will ultimately result in the deaths of far more than 3,000 people. Starting this winter with heating payments, the loss of residences and the need to put aside medical expenses in favor or covering housing — any of these can and likely will prove disastrous to the least able among us.

With Katrina, there was a cause and effect involved in the pre-storm lack of repair to levees, and the post-storm lack of readiness and coordination that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and the uprooting of families, the unparalleled loss of homes, heritage and history.

Again there was no proper investigation. No one blamed has ever been tried or brought to justice, nor remedies sought other than bluster or bravado.

There was no reason to believe in ANY of these cases that an adult human process had taken place to determine causes and mitigate the circumstances. Yet, at the direction of those in positions of power, billions have been spent to prop up broken systems and bruised egos, and ensure the continuity of basic inequity of wealth and power distribution in the nation and world.

It is time for us not to accept this masquerade of civilization, and to  investigate, remove, and punish those responsible for the growing list of of abuses of power and reason. As our current “2-party” system only collaborates with these smoke-and-mirror games, it is incumbent upon the citizens for their own survival to come together around new political structures that respect our Constitution, and empower the people’s — not the corporate — agendas.

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