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Freedom Fries are back

Friday, September 29th, 2017

In these days when a nation, its leaders, and media apparently seem not even to notice when an overwhelmingly popular winning majoritarian set of goals and desires are dismissed and “tossed under the bus” in a glaringly anti-democratic power grab, causing our electoral process to became a mockery as well as a fiction, it comes as little surprise that our Symbols, as well well as Values (Facts, too), are all up for grabs.

Winners of the game (but not of a legitimate election), muse about major tax self-benefits and war. Our traditional power mongers and pundits now glibly speculate on upcoming “elections” as though nothing untoward or illegal had occurred in the last one. For them, the People don’t exist … except to provide money and occasional “votes.” A true Cosmetic Democracy.

It’s like smashing into a boulder in the road, resulting in a trashed vehicle with fatalities and some severely injured passengers, but having the survivors get up, limp and drag themselves around the wreck, catch a ride and keep moving like nothing inconvenient had happened. The wreckage gets removed, the boulder remains quite a while, but none of this … makes the news or even comes up in conversation. Life Goes On, Like It Never Happened.

The illustration here, from a few years back, remains quite valid today, so it seems.

Click image to see an enlargement.

Thoughts and Democracy

Monday, August 21st, 2017

DEMOCRACY implies comparing and counting THOUGHT(s) … and expressed derived Desires.

Thought implies KNOWLEDGE, Information, Observation, Learning and EDUCATION, not to mention Exchange, and Dialog.

Democracy is nothing … without information and properly informed people, along with a transparent means to tabulate choices.

Informed People require free access to Information and its sources. If access to information is Restricted or Biased by the only providers, open knowledge, appropriate thought leading to real discussion and communication is not possible. In that case, neither is the practice of democracy.

Welcome to 2017 America.

Single-Payer: Effective and Affordable … so what’s the problem?

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Many of those actively fighting universal healthcare tell us:

  • “Single-Payer doesn’t work.”
  • “It’s not practical.”
  • “It’s just not politically viable.”
  • “It costs tons of money, we don’t have.”
  • “[It] makes us wait weeks to see a doctor.”
  • “It’s Socialized Medicine.”

… and the opposition’s list goes on and on! But—believe it or not—the main reason Single-Payer is being opposed so strenuously … isn’t even on that list!

Yes. The MAIN reason for such strong & well-financed  opposition … is because … Single-Payer offers us … democracy & freedom!!
— Huh?? Don’t believe it?! Follow the explanation below!

• But first, some important S-P facts are
… that Single-Payer healthcare actually does work … as attested to and appreciated by considerable majorities in every industrialized nation … except our own. Besides that, as things stand, healthcare in the United States is considered the most expensive and least effective among those same nations.¹ Where are our journalists to deal with that?

Research shows that over 60% of Americans approve of such a system being implemented here—a figure which would be considered a legal majority in a properly functioning democracy. On top of that, many medical professionals and citizens’ groups here have produced all sorts of documents, meetings and marches calling for “Universal Healthcare … NOW!”

“Socialized medicine”? Not at all. It’s an insurance program that pays for all services & providers. ONE insurance company for everybody. It’s not government medicine. Doctors & other providers are free agents and are NOT required to work for the government. They just all receive payments from the one insurer. “Single Payer” — get it?

So what gives? With so many positives, WHY is there such an opposition?
— Or better … why such a highly organized opposition?

Actually, the answer is fairly simple, as we will soon see.

Is that surprising to you? Face it, whenever we hear about opposition to any universal health plan, there are usually all sorts of complex reasons and statistics that are trotted out. Hardly seems “simple.”

Well, indeed, there are all sorts of “justifications” given by opponenents … but, in the end, they are all really just excuses, not reasons, — because nothing they say explains the successes and acceptance rates elsewhere around the globe.

Those supporting universal healthcare, on the other hand, offer myriad affirmative arguments in their articles, books, testimony, speeches, and marches. They show and speak of the many resulting benefits and savings, while they attack the negative comments of big business, the health insurance industry and politicians, citing all the inadequate and untrue excuses being “pushed upon” the public.

• The truth is, that even the supporters of Single-Payer actually make their own major tactical error by ignoring the true goals of those in opposition.

Sure, they tell us that organized opposition is about the threat to insurance company and Big Pharma profits. We can see that. But … they are missing a bigger underlying reason — which is actually the main reason. The deep reason: Democracy & Freedom. Single-Payer promotes them.

That’s the one reason which few, if any, express openly in public … because they nearly always miss its connection to the Single Payer issue.

This “main reason” for the organized opposition to a national healthcare plan only rarely appears in our media and is almost never mentioned in our mainstream media. Most recently, however, that reason has been stated quite clearly and accurately in Nancy MacLean’s latest book, Democracy in Chains.²

Observing how many fundamentalist, free-market interests have come together with their own “stealth plan for America,” MacLean expresses the REAL underlying reason for such vehement and nearly hysterical opposition to Single-Payer … which is that those pushing this “stealth plan” — are actively working to oppose democracy in the United States — in all its forms:

• “[They feel that] Democracy must be, in effect, shackled, to prevent the majority will from being expressed …” (our italics).

So … THIS … is what it’s all about: Working to Prevent Democracy! Ahh, but, who is telling us?

Those anti-democratic interests wanting to derail democracy in the USA feel that the True Majority must neither be heardnor empowered! And Single Payer does both!


ALSO … did you know? Single-Payer is a Freedom of Speech issue! Surprise!

How? It FREES you from your employer, who is no longer involved in your health insurance! AND, at the same time, it frees employers from bureaucratic busy-work that only hinders them and wastes their time and energy.

Like in European, you & your family would be fully insured for any illness, treatment or operation — even if you are fired!  With Single-Payer enacted, you can say whatever you want about your job or boss, even go on strike, change jobs … and run NO risk of losing your family’s healthcare. THAT is freedom. Of speech. Of association. From worry. THAT reduces Fear and Anxiety — making you not only freer … but making you healthier — all by itself! That alone might be one of the biggest advantages of Single-Payer.

All those opposition “reasons” handed us — like increased costs, delays, etc. — are really just secondary ones, used to create a negative public opinion. The Oligarchy’s Biggest Goal? Ending democratic decision-making once and for all in America — without you finding out!

Right now, there are people, chosen or not by us, who create the Rules for everyone, … and the rest must merely follow. Single-Payer defies that. It strengthens people’s health … and dignity!

You see? Beyond providing quality healthcare to everyone, Single-Payer also results in:
Empowerment, Independence, & Freedom … for ordinary Americans.

THAT, you see, must be avoidedat all costs! Or so say our “Oligarch Bosses.”

You SEE? Those buying votes & political control all across America, don’t want Single-Payer — but they dare not tell us why!
They don’t want us to know … they just always want to get their way. Always.

No matter their party affiliation, power-brokers and their minions will say or do anything to prevent Single-Payer! Recently in California, it was a pharmaceutical-friendly Democratic as head of the state assembly who stopped state-based Single-Payer by blocking the majority-supported bill.³

These folks are very serious. Deadly serious. Tens of thousands needlessly die every year, as they continue to get their way.

Successfully achieving universal healthcare demands, therefore, revealing, exposing and opposing all those who are working hard to destroy democracy in the U.S. Nothing less. It’s a big chore.

It is up to us … to stop them!

Single-Payer would be a major VICTORY for the American People … and for democracy! Nothing less! Like in 1776, this would help free us from “the King’s Court.” We must work together!


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Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Worth re-reading:

N.Y. TIMES worried about threats to democracy? Oh, really?

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Frequently appearing as worrisome  public narratives are the fears of external threats to U.S. democracy, be they bricks-and-mortar attacks or cracks appearing in the basic legal underpinnings of our nation.

The below-referenced TIMES article goes there, … but effectively gets it UPSIDE-DOWN … seriously adding to our confusion.

The piece aims to disclose potentially damaging ramifications of what they say is Russia’s social media “warfare” against the U.S.

— “If there has ever been a clarion call for vigilance and action against a threat to the very foundation of our democratic political system, this episode is it,” former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Congress — as stated in the article.


WE in the U.S., of course, … would NEVER do anything to create — or further — an “information war against global democracy,” undermine another nation’s sovereignty, or interfere in their elections, … would we? [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] Neither, heaven forbid, would we use REAL war techniques like soldiers or bombs or drones to disrupt internal affairs abroad, would we? No …, not US!

Among the tremendous ironies, disinformation, and outright lies of such a major and “serious” article, is the TOTAL ABSENCE OF AWARENESS of just HOW MUCH our own home-grown oligarchy with their bought-and-paid-for media empire and cash-driven political machinery … are indeed actively engaged in multiple levels of attacking, dismantling, and destroying whatever remains of a functional democracy right here, in the USA — one that should consistently hear, reflect, respect, … and serve … the American People!

This would just be a perverse joke, … were it not so deadly serious for us all, and for the planet. Here we have many local proponents actively tearing down democratic practices & institutions both domestically and abroad, while screaming about their concerns over possible “Russian influences” upon our internal politics! Sounds like it’s coming from SNL! Obfuscating what really goes on right here daily by controlling “news coverage,” is how they cover-up their own true actions and roles.

Yes. We SHOULD be afraid … afraid of those arrogant domestic automatons constantly chipping away at our rights and freedoms … and of those home-grown individuals paid good money to call themselves “journalists” while misleading us and even hiding from us major realities that they themselves might not even be capable of perceiving, … much less comprehending!

— based upon “Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America”


Saturday, March 4th, 2017


The 2016 Narrative … in a nutshell.

DNC Democrats, desperate to please their Owners, got Down and Dirty this past year, and — along with Bankers and Bought-out Media — Denied Democracy to the largest People-Centered Majority that had formed in the USA since the days of FDR’s New Deal. Current Dem high-rollers pushed hard for their 1% corporate agenda — essentially Hijacking their own Primary … and along with it, the Will of the American People.

They then went on to lose what little remained of the Dollar-Distorted “Election” to an extreme rightwing-led Minority (yes, a minority!), also disgusted with what they, too, saw as bad “choices.” A “minority”? Indeed, when compared to the “New-Deal-style” pole-confirmed true majority described above.

NOW, in total Denial, the DNC Dems assume NO responsibility for what they did, the mess THEY themselves created, and, in fact, go on to BLAME EVERYONE else, including the Disinformed, Distraught, Demeaned and Derailed Voters, Berners, Johnson, Stein, Russia, Putin, Sarandon, and more.

Like the stern parents they have often shown themselves to be, the Democratic establishment does not listen, but instead lays down the law to any free-thinking offspring about what is permissible conversation and whom they must heed. Essentially, for them, American voters are children … not to be heeded, but herded … then to be blamed, should they dare step outside the “rules.” With incredible cynicism — and without shame, reflection, or respect — they still label this drama … “democracy.”

Furthermore — willing to do anything to PREVENT a true People’s Agenda from even being openly discussed — what would essentially be a verbalized list of those things Americans might actually want or need — corporate-led Dems go beyond scolding, silencing, and scripting, to even greater extremes, such as seeking possible anti-democratic Deep State “solutions” to their dastardly deeds (those which effectively led us to the current presidency) — including examining non-electoral “solutions” that would Dictatorially Dash what might remain of any Democratic Hopes of the American People.

And these “leaders” … many folks still refer to them as  “the good guys”!? When We the People are relegated to the shadows, little overall illumination occurs,  and democracy cannot be seen.

Al this should have put us into deep crisis. That is, if we had a clear means to see it.

A Dark Hour, indeed … and, remember this  the gloom is independent of the current occupant of the White House — for, while Trump may well be a bitter fruit for our nation  he is not the seed!

It will likely remain dark until that True “New-Deal-style” Majority that Sanders & company helped emerge this past year is, finally, and publicly, recognized for the very American Voice it isand it comes back together with Force and Purpose and allies to claim its rightful place, heading a truly Representative Democracy.

Worth noting: While the “Parent-Child” relationship in this essay refers specifically to how the Democratic establishment deals with its minions, this is also a basic truth for how the U.S. Oligarchy in general treats the Citizens of the nation. Like children. So much to the contrary of popular patriotic sloganeering and justifications for our frequently going to war, the attitude of those who, without our consent, manipulate most power in this nation, essentially mocks the very notion of democracy to its core, denying us our heritage.

Walk AWAY … From the Edge!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

This article refers to Tom Englehardt’s Tom Dispatch piece “Was 11/8 a New 9/11?: The Election That Changed Everything and Could Prove History’s Deal-Breaker” which was re-published in Common Dreams.

Englehardt’s comments and dire scenarios of planetary demise are well-founded, if frightening.

Some ESSENTIALS are missing from his focus, however.

If ANYTHING can be done at all to alter this, we MUST begin with a knowledge that this has been coming for quite some time, and that the Trump Zoo of Non-believers is just the latest version of a story we have been UNWILLING to SEE all along … literally for decades!

• Trump is the fruit … not the seed!

For years I have been fond of saying that …
• the Republicans march us like lemmings over a cliff’s edge to planetary disaster.
… whereas, …
• the Democrats would have us hold hands, march us “over the river and through the woods” — singing Kumbaya — yet take us to the edge of the very same cliff … only somewhat later — so maybe we feel a bit better about it.

… but, of course, …

It is not so funny anymore. If anything, the Trump Phenomenon just makes our Colossal Historical Hubris much more palpable. But it was COMING ANYWAY … whether R’s or D’s were in charge, … since our TRUE BOSSES and Decision-Makers are really UNELECTED Corporatists with a Pathological ROI-Mindset … and with NO regard for the concepts of democracy, compassion, people … or planet.

Avoiding this dire scenario required MUCH MORE than avoiding a Trump victory in 2016 … and most Americans STILL do not get that!!!

We must move in new directions … and as soon as possible. One group offering some serious precautions, warnings … AND available solutions to multiple problems is the Green Party.  While not the only answer, they have been consistently repeating the ESSENCE of this larger message … for over two DECADES!! As a non-corporate-funded group, they have, for all sorts of reasons, been … unable … or prevented … or both … from having their QUITE CORRECT Basic Messages being either heard or understood by the general public!

Beyond their own internal squabbling, there have been very active forces on the outside using Electoral Deceptive Practices and Falsehoods, lack of media coverage, outright media lies, ballot access rules, … and more … to stop and to silence ALL 3rd parties and Voices of Reason in this COUNTRY!!! That is a blatantly anti-democratic and unconstitutional slap in The People’s face!

Basically, if it makes sense or sheds light on the Truth, it will most likely NOT make it into the “News.”

One glaring example: The continual  prohibition of True Debates which must include all qualified voices. That is symbolic of our self-imposed deafness and blindness.

Democracy has been distorted and dying here for quite some time.

Face it! This already IS an Authoritarian State, … even if the ownership details have yet to be worked out.

A People-Centered MAJORITY exists … now!

One of the greatest IRONIES here, is that 2016, in truth, displayed the First Big Wave of People-Centered Thinking and Action seen for many decades in the U.S.

— In fact, 2016 is NOT best represented by the supposed “huge wave of dark-matter Fascism” led by Trump. Not even close! It may SEEM that way at first glance, but that is false.

SANDERS’ huge Public Successes and receptivity featuring our Future — the Millennials — along with Jill Stein and others’ messages, combine to HIGHLIGHT this tremendous People’s Agenda … for Progress! Education, Healthcare, Climate-sustainability, safe air, water & food, justice, infrastructure repair, fair elections … and more! People DO Want Change … and are READY for CHANGE.

It is the DUOPOLY … led by BOTH Republicans and Democrats (who thoroughly sabotaged the progressive Sanders Phenomenon), that fight and hide this Truth, ultimately leading us all to a more blind Trumpist Version of Planetary Suicide. But BOTH establishment parties were and are taking us THERE.

Within the Duopoly … there IS NO answer!

FACE IT! This is not merely opinion anymore … it is TIME to FACE it … Or FAIL!

UNTIL we understand this, any “solutions” we attempt will be FRUITLESS!

TAKING OVER “THE PARTY”… ? Yeah, right …

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Let’s STOP pretending that “this is a new day” for the Democratic Party.

The election is barely over, and the RESULTS ARE the DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY of the structure, funding, PURPOSE, and direction of that Party … far more than that of the Republicans!

The recently much-touted “overhaul” or “remake” of the party, currently falls into the category of pipe-dream, as the Owners are unlikely to give up ANY power … without major fighting and finagling … precisely because they currently STILL DO control that structure and financing. Robert Reich’s recent Alternet article about the “soul” of the Party pretty well describes it … though I disagree with his conclusions about the possibilities or likelihood of “internal” change.

Yet fantasies already abound, like the CommonDreams’ article speaking of recent “massive crowds” for Bernie. I am glad to hear of an overflow, but not “massive” … yet. Let’s see.

The current renewal of the “takeover” goals perturbs me. That has been tried now … for decades … with only ONE success story … the takeover by Bankers!

These dreams are coming from disturbed “progressives” who less than a few months ago largely stood by with crossed arms as the Party leadership mounted a campaign to undermine the growing successes and, yes, Massive Crowds that Bernie’s popular, socialistic agenda attracted. They allowed THAT … to be stolen … then backed the flawed, twisted logic of oligarchic thieves who had NO concern for the condition & needs of the American People!

Are these our Saviors now? They did not embrace freedom when it finally stared them in their faces.

“TAKING OVER” a party that has already been taken over … was wrong THEN … and is wrong NOW. It is a colossal waste of time and energy doing battle with wealthy entrenched interests who will fight with all sorts of seen & unseen tricks … every inch of the way.

THAT will keep real progressive goals with an organized, focused resistance to fight against Trump’s craziness … effectively SIDELINED for years. The monied crowd loves it!

It is FAR better to rally DIRECTLY for the visions & goals we want and need, and bring LIKE-MINDED FORCES together … to truly form a majoritarian Movement, than to waste precious time bickering with corporate Dems who will oppose every move. We’ve seen this over & over.

BTW, the negative comments I’ve seen about Stein’s efforts, are not relevant. Those results are products of the same deeply-flawed, anti-democratic structural problems to our electoral, party, and media systems that both duopolistic D’s & R’s have created for us (W, Bill, etc.) … and that MUST be confronted … from OUTSIDE that fatal Quicksand.

The climate and planet await us all!
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Honoring the Oath … Who really DOES it?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

We have far too many “officials” and appointees in unelected positions of power whose  personal views hardly support any democracy as we know it. In fact, many tied to our corporate Oligarchy outright oppose the democratic process. They see it as antithetical to their personal and class hegemony. How can THEY make the rules if all citizens get to participate in deciding our fate? No sooner do they get appointed or sworn in, than they totally disregard that Constitution they swore to defend and protect — merely that “piece of paper” (as president “W” famously referred to it) … upon which the nation was founded.

It’s amazing that so few seemingly sincere “patriots” don’t seem to SEE that …

Some among us have shown the desire to CHANGE that. Most notably, Bernie tried for a while not so long ago, and found a following … of millions.

Way too FEW in our military &/or executive have respected that oath so many like to cite. They use their “authority” as THEY re-define it, cleaning their feet on that “piece of paper” — the Constitution — they swore to defend. They twist words, and occupy authority they do not have. It is part of believing ultimately in physical force as some kind of “divine” justification. Cave men, short of wisdom and real morals.

• Take, for example: Henry Kissinger … a model of vision & integrity. Right? Admiring or recommending HIM … by itself … disqualifies the moral judgment of anyone wanting to be a leader of a democratic U.S. That has been true for decades.

— They constantly warn us against foreign threats & demand billions from us for our “defense”, while ignoring, protecting, or even aiding much more serious DOMESTIC threats … to our people, stability, economy, environment, well-being and to the democratic process itself.

— Sadly, that OATH itself has become but “piece of paper” as banksters & other unelected power-brokers rob us blind and usurp authority while buying up our laws, lawyers, media, and elections … with total impunity. No questioning, no warnings, no indictments. Only … rewards, … oh, they might pay an occasional fine perhaps. U.S. prisons are for dope smokers, the out-of-work, minority critics, and whistleblowers, not Constitution-trashers. This is not mere speculation … but rather simple, sad observation.

Spreading the Modern Myth: HRC can STOP Trump … & so deserves our support

Monday, September 26th, 2016

First of all … Democrats HAD someone who could STOP Trump, beat him hands down … but their “leaders” chose not to support him. Their “minds” had been made up (and apparently paid for) … years ahead of time, as it turned out.

Ahhh … so MANY still do not get it … tsk, tsk

… a new female Kissinger for our world — just what we need.

— Are people blind, or do they voluntarily put their heads into the sand?

• A candidate gets over $200K for individual speeches … whose contents the people of this country … must not ever know … do not “deserve” to know …

— What is wrong with this picture??

Many now defending HRC have attacked JILL Stein and third parties in general for not having a chance. Hmmm … why are their chances so small? A lack of significant ideas or plans? If not, … then, why?

Wellll … actually, THAT situation has been … created — over DECADES — by both Democrats themselves, & also by Republicans manipulating rules to undemocratically keep alternative voices quiet … or out of the way. Aided, clearly by mainstream Media Pundits who are funded by … the same funders of the two parties.

… and this all is additionally advanced, in fact, by people, not unlike many commentators out there, who pontificate in their seemingly reasonable way about the “impossibilities” of 3rd parties. Pontificators who … do NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, to change things for 4 years until another Presidential Election rolls around.

… and Wham, Bang, … there those folks are again.

… 3rd parties and our very democracy continue being short-shrifted, and worse … they are ACCUSED … of causing the problem — when it is exactly those that do NOTHING but COMPLAIN every 4 years who are both the victims and CAUSES of the lack of democracy. For SHAME!! Just LOOK at how they verbally mistreat those who actually go out on a limb, spend time & money at not little personal risk to bring the beginnings of such needed change. And then the myth purveyors … attack them … as “unrealistic” & “unreasonable”.

… I ask you, WHO … is UNREASONABLE?

Dammit! It is just such pious arrogance that KEEPS the oligarchy growing with ever greater power each year. Bernie woke a lot of folks UP to that fact, yet so many watched passively as he was thrown under the bus. Many of them now say Hillary must win to avoid Trump. Clearly, THIS year HRC IS the oligarchic candidate par excellence.

— LOOK AROUND YOU CAREFULLY. Really SEE (& understand) WHO … are to blame. One thing for sure … it ain’t ME, babe.