N.Y. TIMES worried about threats to democracy? Oh, really?

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Frequently appearing as worrisome  public narratives are the fears of external threats to U.S. democracy, be they bricks-and-mortar attacks or cracks appearing in the basic legal underpinnings of our nation.

The below-referenced TIMES article goes there, … but effectively gets it UPSIDE-DOWN … seriously adding to our confusion.

The piece aims to disclose potentially damaging ramifications of what they say is Russia’s social media “warfare” against the U.S.

— “If there has ever been a clarion call for vigilance and action against a threat to the very foundation of our democratic political system, this episode is it,” former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Congress — as stated in the article.


WE in the U.S., of course, … would NEVER do anything to create — or further — an “information war against global democracy,” undermine another nation’s sovereignty, or interfere in their elections, … would we? [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] Neither, heaven forbid, would we use REAL war techniques like soldiers or bombs or drones to disrupt internal affairs abroad, would we? No …, not US!

Among the tremendous ironies, disinformation, and outright lies of such a major and “serious” article, is the TOTAL ABSENCE OF AWARENESS of just HOW MUCH our own home-grown oligarchy with their bought-and-paid-for media empire and cash-driven political machinery … are indeed actively engaged in multiple levels of attacking, dismantling, and destroying whatever remains of a functional democracy right here, in the USA — one that should consistently hear, reflect, respect, … and serve … the American People!

This would just be a perverse joke, … were it not so deadly serious for us all, and for the planet. Here we have many local proponents actively tearing down democratic practices & institutions both domestically and abroad, while screaming about their concerns over possible “Russian influences” upon our internal politics! Sounds like it’s coming from SNL! Obfuscating what really goes on right here daily by controlling “news coverage,” is how they cover-up their own true actions and roles.

Yes. We SHOULD be afraid … afraid of those arrogant domestic automatons constantly chipping away at our rights and freedoms … and of those home-grown individuals paid good money to call themselves “journalists” while misleading us and even hiding from us major realities that they themselves might not even be capable of perceiving, … much less comprehending!

— based upon “Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America”

The ‘Bailout’ & the Crisis of Democracy

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

I am no economist, but it seems to me that this “financial emergency” is fundamentally a CRISIS OF DEMOCRACY. There is nothing in this “bailout” scenario that has not been predicted and avoidable for decades. People with experience and offering sane and healthy analyses, who spoke and wrote of the dangers being incurred were ignored, ridiculed or scorned. Certainly not given airtime nor column space in major media to explain their concerns nor to connect the dots.

There is absolutely NO intention of this “government” — and the corporate lobbyists that fund and write the legislation for them, who influence and buy legislators, and who “regulate” their own ventures — to allow the People to have either:

1. first-hand, un”regulated” or uncensored knowledge of what actually goes on, or what/how/by whom decisions are made.

2. a free press that engages the public and discusses and questions situations as well as alternatives.

3. a free electoral system that requires a majority to win or allows such a simple notion as alternative views and political organization (i.e. other parties) with both the right and “permission” to speak freely and in the open, with actual access to the public’s airwaves.

Forget Public Funding of Elections.

The “Free Marketeers” who have so brazenly lied to us, lo these decades (centuries?), about how their ideology and intentions lead to freedom, admit no Free Market of Ideas, eliminating candidates from National Debates, allowing no television time for smaller candidacies (even though nations such as Brazil and Mexico somehow manage to do so), preventing any real dialogue, exchange of ideas IN MUCH THE SAME WAY AS their Phony “Free Market” Rules and rigged games they play, that ALWAYS end up with us, the taxpayers, bailing out their failed “plans” (schemes?) AFTER the usually unpunished perpetrators have taken out and stashed away their private profits. It’s time to realize: this is a wholesale Criminal Enterprise masquerading as a government, while bad-mouthing (when not physically attacking) ANYTHING representing truly democratic or representative ideas from and by the governed.

No, our most common enemies of democracy are not conspiring to smash aircraft into our symbols of power. They have no need for that. They are circulating freely in the corridors of power in our Agencies, Capitol and White House. They sit behind microphones and in front of cameras that blanket the nation with innuendo, false images of humanity and science, disinformation, vitriol and hatred. They take what they want, prey on the weak, and plot to silence those who might object. They cover their actions and trails with “patriotic” emotional rhetoric spread by giant media networks with whom they share power. This is not democracy in ANY sense of the word. It is a Cosmetic Democracy at best.

Let us not forget, too, folks like Nancy Pelosi and her duplicitous and effectively traitorous gang of enablers who use the romantic and nostalgic falsehoods of a supposed Democratic Party “legacy” (that of supporting working people) to quietly shut up, shut down and neutralize the efforts of exactly those elements in our society (anti-war movement, veterans, women’s groups, labor, impeachment advocates, etc.) who actually WOULD stand up to defend our REAL democratic principles.

We must also question the sense of all those people of good will, still IN the Democratic Party (or so self-identifying), who have willingly allowed themselves to be used and fooled time and time again, accepting “lesser-of-two-evilism” as the Norm and Rule, having demanded NOTHING of the duplicitous neo-liberal usurped “leadership” of that political party, and having lowered both their expectations and their pants to that “leadership”, without getting a single meaningful concession in their favor that supports the American People or our Constitution.

This has gone on for decades now.

Those of you who have tolerated and even supported this should be ashamed and embarrassed. You have willingly allowed the oligarchy of this nation to use the artifice of a “second flavor” of Capital, the Democratic Party, to fool, use and abuse both you AND this nation, wasting your time and our democratic potentiality.

If you truly are progressive, it is time to take up the real and active defense of Democracy, insist on Impeachment (there is still time), restore the Constitution (there may be still time), and BAIL OUT of that phony Party to build a new one with its feet firmly planted in Democracy.

This may hurt some to realize, but…it is too late for the Democratic Party — they have already effectively betrayed the nation. They have stood by and watched (when not aiding and abetting) the worst elements of our society rape and pillage our nation and ravage others across the globe — and done … nothing — other than shout down those who begged them to act on behalf of the people.

There IS NO legacy worth saving.

This whole supposed “government,” propped up by officials of both “Official Parties” is really an illegal occupation of Governmental Positions and Roles by people who hate government because when it works, it represents ordinary people. They work hard to see representative government destroyed and replaced by an oligarchic-corporate fiat in the guise of government, touting “freedom” and “democracy” as no more than brand names and slogans.