Bernie – the ‘maverick’ Senator?

When talking about Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, a lot of people got it wrong. Bernie’s not a “maverick.”

That’s just a construct of the Punditocracy that is in total ideological lock-down. They couldn’t see, recognize or embrace a new, live idea if it disrobed in front of them.

Bernie, if anything, perfectly embodies the American spirit of innovation and justice.

Since some decrepit gatekeepers left over from the Robber Barons decided that any actions in favor of the common good rather than individual advancement was sinful atheistic social/communism, many of us have fallen prey to the fiction that working for the common good was somehow UnAmerican.

A brief look at today’s world under the horror/terror regime of Bush/Cheney/Halliburton/Enron and all the misery it brings and portends for this planet and how it is shredding the most minimal of our rights here at home, ought to recognize that Bernie Sanders represents the very BEST of homegrown American spirit.

It is caring, rugged individualism in service to us all that represents us at our best, at a time when it is in great jeopardy. Think of Sinclair, La Follette, the Roosevelts to some measure, Jefferson, Franklin.

The term “maverick” itself has come to mean anyone not with the program, on the inside, on the take.

It is really the arrogant heirs to the Robber Barons who are “not with the program” of human rights and progress, the advancement of knowledge, science and civilization who are mavericks. They stand, bewildered on the outside, living as brutes in the caves, looking for ever bigger clubs to use upon the intelligent ones they seek to subdue, for they cannot comprehend their free and fair spirit.

We have been fooled. Bernie is no maverick. He is a shining light of human imagination tempered with compassion and intelligence. It is time we started listening and emulating. In our Senate, he is literally one in a hundred. But it is the other 99 who are the mavericks, who have strayed far afield.

He is our Mr. Smith … in Washington. We should all pay attention to him.

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