“Dancing around the Gorilla” an open letter to journalists: an open letter to jounalists

Why are we all dancing around the real motivations for our invasion and occupation of Iraq and our whole new “foreign policy”?

Some time back I read Helen Thomas’ article, “Bush’s Iraq Rationalization is Lame”. In it, I like the way she reminds fellow journalists that they have some objective things to take care of, and sets an example of doggedness and fight that is all but gone from the press corps.

Yet … I still don’t really hear anyone, Helen included, talking DAILY about DAILY realities: WHY we are REALLY there?!

Enough talking about “mistakes”: should there have been more troops, fewer troops, fight them over there, fight them here, spread democracy, etc.—writing about those things just buys—lock, stock and barrel—into the phony premises put forward by this Selected Administration in the first place—that they took us there with Our Blood and Our Gold to Do Good. If you swallow that, you’ve swallowed the whole thing.

What on EARTH does it take for a few courageous writers to start from a clean slate and say the reason we are there in Iraq, is for the 14 permanent bases, the megaEmbassy, and all that that means in terms of regional control (and beyond) capability. Nothing else!! All the rest is crochet work, pretty and noble words to make those paying for this misadventure feel good—or at least unsure enough of themselves not to say anything to the contrary. THAT is why Iran is next. Who CARES who lives or dies—it’s a long-term fight for endless US/corporate domination of resources in many regions in a time of scarcity.

C’mon! They are not building “democracy” in Iraq—anyone with half a brain knows that, yet look at all the debate and intense TV scrutiny over their armed “elections.” Purple fingers, indeed. They exist to distract, to “justify,” to create a warm feeling, to paint narrow media “truths,” but mostly to buy time—building (construction) time. Hell, they don’t know how to “build democracy” here, much less over there! They do know how to tear it apart, though. That being said, however, it was never about incompetence, not even inattention, really. Take notice—they do well only those things they CARE about (y’know: profits, control, ownership, snooping, punishment). The rest? … well, you’ve seen Katrina, our public schools, health care, our railroads, our bridges, port security …

The only thing that counts in Iraq for those NeoCons who occupied America in 2000 are the Bases. Get it? That is the ONLY reason there are that many (or few) troops on the ground there. They calculated what would be enough to protect the contractors at work, until the base-building job is done. That’s all. All on our nickel (middle class America’s nickel, that is, with largely lower class and immigrant cannon fodder). Iraqis? Screw them! Civil war, schmivil war, the more they die, the less we have to kill them to keep our bases strong.

We torture men, women and children; we blow up whole families or melt them with white phosphorus. Why should we care if they get to participate in their own government? Officials in Ohio don’t seem to care if people here do.

Stop and think about that. If your only goal and objective was to set up Fortress America in Iraq, then, when asked “Do we have enough troops?”, sure, the answer is “Yeah!” Enough for the intended job.

Of course, that story they could never sell to a Congress that is still more or less elected, nor sell to an American public that just wants to feel either good or safe, preferably both. So they told us this was to protect us. Ha! But … first we had to be scared enough to believe them. Hmmm, … can anyone say 911?

There is no reason to believe any one of the so-called “justifications” (WMD’s, Saddam, al Qaeda, etc)—nor for journalists and politicians to waste too many more precious words using available evidence to disprove them. With THEIR control of the media, they aren’t at all worried about facts, proof or making sense—they just repeat, ad nauseum, their own make-believe cover-up “story”.

We all knew that this Plan existed years prior to 911, and that that attack served as a catalyst to get popular domestic support (and to start the free-for-all free-fall in our Treasury). Al Capone must be yukkin’ it up, looking down (up?) on his prodigies at work.

So why not tackle that REAL geopolitical gorilla sitting on top of the Empire State Building—the one no one seems to notice. We KNOW why BushCo took us there—it exists in maps and blueprints, plans and timelines. You can see it on the web! It’s part of our secret “Energy Policy.” All the rest is distraction. The main topic that has occupied nearly all mainstream US journalism for the past five years … is the very nature of the Distraction!!!!

So, decent, good, honest, perceptive journalists—and others—need to FOCUS ON and REPEAT the One and Only Story there is: the geopolitical reasons proposed in the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). AAAALLL the rest is a WASTE of time—and besides the NeoCons just keep refuting it—incessantly, on over 90% of the airwaves.

PNAC is there for all to see: anyone can read about their objectives and many of their intended means. That IS their goal. The rest are fairy tales. It is not hard to prove, either. Just look at ONLY those things which have succeeded so far in our so-called Mid East policy: the establishment and protection of a permanent US military and intelligence presence in Iraq and elsewhere. THAT’S where they put their expertise, their boldness, and OUR resources. That is the only part going more or less according to plan.

PNAC even spells out the need for 911 in order for the plan to work (“a new Pearl Harbor” was needed, they said).

And—why isn’t this obvious—THAT is the reason there is no Plan to leave soon. It’s not about Iraqi Police or Army readiness. It’s about Base Readiness. We can’t leave now—the 52nd state isn’t ready yet.

It has nothing to do with Iraqis taking over their own defense. It has nothing to with any of the material of countless editorials and letters to the editors, not the insurgency, nor Valerie Plame, yellow-cake, aluminum tubes, nor gassing people, … NADA!

You know, if NeoCons were really the courageous tough guys they’d like us to believe they are, they’d lay this whole thing out in the open for discussion and debate. They would work hard to convince us of their positions, and let Americans decide if this is what they want to do. But noooo…they could never take such a chance. As Cheney aptly puts it, they work “in the shadows.” THEY know what is right for us and won’t let a little thing like democracy get in the way.

Soooo … EXPOSE this, already!! Journalists, Congresspeople, someone!!

This is actually happening to us. People in the tens of thousands are dying, being maimed, poisoned. We are destroying our Constitution and losing our most basic rights and are accepting theater instead of elections. PLEASE, it is time to talk ONLY of what they are VERIFIABLY trying to do, and none of that other … stuff.

This dancing around the Truth is only an enabling and collaborative act, and speeds up the full takeover of what once was a Noble Experiment of a nation.

JOURNALISTS’ #1 TASK: Talk about the Bases, the Bases, the Bases: the money going in—and out. Who is building them? Who is profiting? How much is this costing? Where is the money trail? Where are the “missing” billions? Where is the investigation and TRIALS about those holding the missing billions? How does base construction compare ($$, time, energy) with Iraqi infrastructure construction? How does the “Downing Street Memo” notion of shaping the facts to the plan fit into all of this? Why aren’t they putting Iraqis to work on those projects? Why do the bases and embassy resemble the Mall of the Americas? Who’s going to live there? How will this be paid for? NOW, talk about 911! WERE there war games going on at the time? Yes or No. Where were NORAD, the planes and that training and preparedness that were supposed to protect us? Why was no one fired? Why were we so quick to dispose of evidence in New York and Washington? And so on. YOU’RE the journalists. YOU think of the questions!!

This IS your story. And if it is not, then PROVE that it’s not—by investigating ALL of these questions and denying in fact and figure that the above are NOT the real and only underlying reasons for all the treasons in Iraq.

Tell your colleagues, “Enough of Jon Benet, Paris Hilton, and the like—there’s this gorilla out there waiting for you.” Go get ‘im! This is a story America desperately needs to know about, if it is to survive.

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