A Special Case For Abortion

“It’s your baby.”

With these words, Condolleeza Rice reportedly told the CIA that they could go right ahead and break US and International Law, by using torture and a series of extreme measures to gain confessions from detainees with no respect for their human nor legal rights. All this with apparent disregard for any potential negative consequences to our nation from such actions. It was done in secrecy, and if somehow discovered, would, as we have seen, be blamed upon “a few bad apples.” Thus was the undermining of a pillar of US legal and moral structure conceived in our White House.

If there ever were a case for legal abortion, this is IT.

This “baby” must not reach full term. It puts the mother in extreme risk of her life. It is seriously deformed by any standards. Were this baby to somehow survive, and grow to adulthood, it would bankrupt the family and leave an enduring wake of pain and sorrow.

Ms. Rice holds the position of US Secretary of State. Many say she is on the short list for Republican VP candidates. Her cavalier attitude and disrespect for our own and international norms of law and propriety make her unfit to represent a nation that would like to consider itself both democratic and humane. It is past time for her to go now, and no longer create risks for her family, her community and her neighbors. All who love and respect our Constitution should insist she resign or be impeached — as should any others who participated in this orgy of deceit and decadence.

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