We Are ALL Barbara Now

NOTE: This Was Written During the Administration of W. Bush.

What does it take to grasp the following: We can never get out from under this creeping repressive, smothering blanket if we do not seek to SEE, much less understand or unravel, the deepest levels of economic interests and collusion going on. Who owns the media, and what do they want? Does the answer surprise us? What did Ike tell us? Did either major party listen to or even dare repeat his military-industrial complex warnings (he forgot to include the media, I believe) as part of their party liturgy to warn the millions or even the minions? Hardly. This fight by the Right (both Republicans & Dems) to crush the New Deal legacy (crumbs of basic living solutions for workers) has been going on for DECADES! And it has been downhill since the McCarthy era (I like to call it the Great American Purge).

With McCarthyism, dissent once again became publicly unpatriotic in America (as it is now). Unions were viewed as selfish special interests and entrepreneurship raised above sainthood — and given the keys. The American Myth, thus reinforced, saw us through the Cold War (with SO many gullible folks from both major parties saying publicly how this was so necessary to save us and to save Democracy).

The brief rebellion during the Vietnam Era (fed by drugs, Kinsey, and FM radio) served mainly to prepare the hardliners with how to really use force and power to deal with dissent the “next” time (read: “right now”).

The final assault on the New Deal gains (and the democracy needed to sustain them) is nearly finished now.

I daresay the Democratic Party has been VERY instrumental in all this. That party, it seems, is designed to take the “feeling and thinking sector” of American folks — the ones who still believe in facts, science, diversity, and so on — and keep them believing that our problems only persist because of a few bad apples or bad decision-making. The way I see it, that party’s Oligarchic Task is to keep the informed, good-hearted part of our population locked in a Fairy Tale where Raw, Ruthless Power serving Economic Interests only exists in films: “Why, Beverly, THEY would never do THAT!….?

Kennedy, King, Kennedy, Wellstone, 911, Katrina “relief” efforts, and so on … such BAD luck we’ve had! Right?

… SOMEbody actually DID those things, however. They each took planning and intent, motive and means.


•    Republicans support the Dark Forces with nearly unbound devotion.
•    The full force of the Democrats silences meaningful progressive thought or reflection and keeps everyone’s Eyes Off the Prize, so as not to disturb “the Myth”.

In 2006-2008: Obama, Hillary…Hillary, Obama…need I say more? Eyes Off the Prize.

The death, destruction, torture, weapons building, poisoning of our planet, of our minds and of our bloodstreams (can you say Big Pharma?) go on daily, 24/7 — right NOW — even as the Candidates Who Claim They Will Save Us All spend valuable time discussing the finer points of who will do what at 3 a.m. if some outsider really wants to push our buttons.

If those two are NOT PART of this Illusion Spin Machine, then I am Osama bin Laden.

So, why is it so hard to BELIEVE any of this about how the media and Congress act??

Sorry that Reality hurts so much, folks, but we are going to have to end this Fatal Attraction/Dance with the Democratic Party if we are to survive as America. Shocking! For a huge variety of rea$on$, they CANNOT let go of that Myth that they help to sustain. You simply cannot GET to the underlying causes of our situation with that kind of thinking…the Myth is blinding. It FEEDS Cognitive Dissonance on all levels.

No wonder so many folks are simply flummoxed, wandering around saying, “…gee, How did THAT happen?”

I guarantee you, in Europe and in South America, with their other parties, history and political traditions, they not only see right through all this, but are appalled by our inanity and ignorance, and find it hard to believe we neither STOP this nonsense, nor organize to resist it (with those few exceptions we know).

They, too, are finding it harder to deal with reality as our CultureMediaSteamrollerSatelliteSystem invades young psyches the world over.

Not only do we NOT work hard and OVERTIME to set up a democratic and legal Resistance to the ongoing Fascist Threat here in the US, our most “venerable” institutions have just come off a decades-long period of lulling us into slumber while they actively (and passively) went about DESTROYING those very institutions that might be standing up and defending this nation today (unions, public education, farmers, a free press, fair and COUNTED elections…)…and maybe even asking for Impeachment.

As the EndGame grows nearer and the stakes get really high, so-called “Progressive Forces” go instead after “third party” and other truly independent visions and attempts at organizing a real, informed resistance/opposition as though THEY were the enemy. Those activist groups receive greatly more vindictive action and pressure to “shut up” than do the players of the Authoritarian Regime itself.

Addressing Greens and others trying to build a consciousness, a movement, a party to see us through and beyond this blindness, too many of the self-denominated “Progressive Dems” say: PLEASE, shut up, stop talking about this mess. They may hear us. Do ANYthing but say the truth out loud. Don’t dare point to any direction of action of the DNC hasn’t already sanctioned. Please! Be quiet. Go away. Shhhhh…they’ll hear you.

Sadly, sadly, they are more afraid of “rocking the boat” (albeit a sinking one), than reaching solid ground. They tell us they are afraid of losing “gains.” Right.

They tell us: we cannot afford four more years of Republican rule, even as they did nothing to stop the abuses of the last eight (or should we say sixteen?).

By perpetuating the prevailing Myths, we can neither collectively Recognize nor Resist the forces creating our bewilderment.

Yes. Indeed! It’s “crazy-making.” And it’s time to STOP this behavior!

Get off the Dupopoly Carousel! There are no answers there — even if the special mirrors make it seem that way.

The Duopoly are knowingly and willingly creating and perpetuating this misbegotten and ruthless situation;  they CANNOT be the ones capable of providing the solutions. That should be fairly obvious by now. Only the People armed with knowledge and organizing themselves in new ways are capable of that.

Dennis tried…and just look at what they’re doing to him.

The very discussion of impeachment on this program reiterating why it is the PEOPLE who must force Congress to act, attests to that reality.

For those who keep scratching their heads, asking WHY, I guess it hasn’t yet dawned on them, yet, where the problems and solutions lie.

If we are surprised by how all this happened, we can only blame ourselves, and our greater desire to FEEL good than to Live Good. Our willingness to accept not only the Great Myth about “how wonderful the USA is and how it needs no changes, only a few tweaks”, works with the belief that Americans don’t really have to do anything ourselves  for this “great life” to go on and on.

The Primary Season Message is doing it to us right now, telling us that if we “Vote Right” in November, we don’t have to worry about the Occupation, mercenary war profiteering torture, pain and death our tax dollars sow. We don’t have to think about New Orleans or question war spending. It will all somehow work out. Just Choose Well … and Vote.

Yeah … and let’s forget that old story about stolen elections and hacking votes, why don’t we?

We don’t really have to talk about all that nasty stuff, do we?

Tell me, how different is that than Barbara Bush answering, when asked about the war, that she doesn’t worry her beautiful mind about such things?


WE ARE ALL BARBARA NOW — unless we step off into CourageLand and change it!

We have no right to enjoy the benefits of the American Revolution if we continue to betray it.

Americans of color have not yet enjoyed many of those benefits and it is only together with them will we be able to fight to have our rights and democracy at all. Time to stop sending the poor to fight our nasty wars to back up a Myth that dumps on us all.

If all the people wanting impeachment today were in a third party tomorrow, we’d have impeachment next week. Staying where they are is what makes them all irrelevant to our Congress.

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