Tom — you think this ‘Ponzi Scheme’ is Over?

Tom Engelhardt of in a recent article “The Ponzi Scheme Presidency – Bush’s Legacy of Destruction” (, compared the Bush regime and legacy to that of earlier empires such as the Assyrians, but with no similar commitment to counting the bodies.

Engelhardt’s account of death and destruction is enlightening, and on mark. He writes this as an epitaph, understandably eager to consign it all to the past, but it is not that easy.

I decided to ask a few questions of that author…


What’s this use of the PAST TENSE, Tom? Wishful thinking? Too much holiday champagne?

You write as though this is over now, what with the election and all.

Have you forgotten how this killing plan and machine was being put together in the background during the Clinton Administration?

Then, the Bush Administration actions all occurred with virtually no political opposition. The “new bosses”, the Democrats, did not have the temerity, while it was happening, to call “foul” about any of the numerous visible crimes, the shredding of the Constitution, nor did they question the lies and no-bid contract that made these killing fields possible.

Nor did they listen to their own constituency about the war and healthcare, or even lift a finger to support democracy and the vote by investigating several clearly stolen elections.

You think it is OVER? You think it CAN be over without ever examining, analysing, nor denouncing and punishing those who made all this policy, thievery and destruction happen?

Besides the physical and fiscal damage, Bush-CheneyCo created legal and legislative chaos that would in normal circumstances be difficult to unravel. With the latest part of the Ponzi scheme — the “Bailout” — they have left the new Administration with little wiggle room to act in any sphere but the direst economic ones — even if they knew what to do.

Sooo…now what? The Accomplices are now nominally in power. Do they run the defense industries? Or Big Media? You can’t turn a moving battleship around on a dime, even when you want to — and certainly not if you haven’t even planned a course change.

This nightmare isn’t over. The destruction of democracy and the economy is only beginning to be seen and felt here. Only a concerted effort of the people in spite of and in rebuke of the soon-to-be Democratic “led” two-party corporate agenda of enabling and appeasement can end it.

Alan Kobrin

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