USA to World: There’s No Place Anymore for Participation…

No need for Participation–just ‘Cooperation’: On Your Knees!

Put on a uniform. Harden yourself to kill the enemies of democracy for the Homeland — just don’t expect to find much democracy when you come home. Not any more.

After one single person determined the outcome of the 2000 election in the United States (upholding a 537 vote margin for W), now the Supreme (sic) Court drops the other shoe: whatever was left of ‘the People’s Voice’ will in the future drown in a sea of corporate speech — again, by one vote.

Corporations deserve to be heard; it’s only fair, right? You can hardly hear what corporations want to say, what with all those public service messages and townhall meetings filling our airwaves. Right?

We send thousands to fight, kill, and perhaps die in foreign lands, and spend untold billions — to the detriment of our own peoples’ health, welfare, housing, education and economic future — ostensibly to bring to those abroad ‘the benefits of democracy.’ Even when joining that fight is voluntary (though via a socially skewed recruitment policy), thousands sign up to fight whomever they are told is amassing threats against the U.S.

Funny — why go to all that bother over there when it only takes apparently just one person to topple the democratic structure here…and no one even seems to notice!

Do we willingly stand by and give one person all that power, and simply obey their decision, even if it costs us all our voices? Have we given them such power? Or have they taken it? Do we simply accept passively that kind of abuse? Corporate America is chuckling … and sharpening their knives. Land of the Brave … or of the damned Foolish?

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