More smoke and mirrors — time to learn to see straight.

The Debt Ceiling “dilemma” is just the latest red herring served the American consumer public. More brutal, but just one more.


We have suffered decades, nay generations, from the fallout of the McCarthy Era which destroyed the thinking and analysis which could have created alternative organizing and ways of thinking to prevent where we are now.


Hate to disappoint so, my loyalist friends, but the role of the Democratic Party from its duplicitous dealings with labor unions and the working class to its abandonment of ERA, to its waffling on abortion, to its support of unbridled aggression, its unwillingness to clean up or punish real polluters, or treasury thefts for all that matter, its cutting deals with banking, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, insurance, telecoms, and arms giants, its embrace, or acceptance of, executive crimes, violations of the Constitution and torture — ALL of this, and more (if this weren’t enough) — is what has made this current “debt crisis” scenario possible. They have crippled all attempts at denouncing, much less stopping, the real culprits, refusing to identify our very real homegrown enemies. In this guise, they simply will NOT encourage any opposition, much less resistance. “Holding out hands to the ‘other side’,” they tell us, is a good thing. For WHOM, we must wonder. THAT is what has led us to this sad juncture.


All the while, Republican-leaning ideologues and corporate globalists painted their pictures, wrote their narratives, and cheered all along the way, using the media conglomerates at their disposal.


Dem leaders, on the other hand, swept their own paths clear of any folks aware enough or ready enough to speak out and actually DO something about our situation (Dennis Kucinich, Michael Moore, David Swanson, etc.). No sir, none of them “troublemakers” to interfere with an orderly process (of WHAT, we must ask).


This brought us, full of fireless, useless “hope,” to this deadly crossroads; and even today are afraid to say WHO is the real enemy of Democracy. It’s not determined by the rank ‘n’ file, but many of them still march loyally in lock-step, opening the way for Leaders who long ago sold out.


Without the heritage of those silenced by McCarthy & friends to help them “see” the world and its machinations, today’s Dems think they understand “loyalty”, but know nothing of History or its consequences.


We need to hear from new voices NOW and/or become them ourselves to find lasting solutions.

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