Thanks for the Warning, Paul

On Friday, November 4, 2011, Paul Krugman published in the New York Times an article entitled, “Oligarchy, American Style” which pointed to the increasing concentration of wealth and power in the US. We definitely need more critical thought in our media. While Krugman is not the only “liberal” economist or columnist to recently come out swinging about the crisis in which the US, and frankly the world, finds itself, I was prompted to write this response, which might easily have been addressed to other commentators who are now increasingly concerned with the nation’s economic and political health and welfare, and disturbed by seeming inaction in Washington.

Well, it’s “awful nice” when someone with a reputation comes out and says the truth. Thank you, Paul.

In terms of the Reality of this situation, however, this seems to be a case of Too Little Too Late.

Why this late warning? The situation has become DIRE. It has been growing dire for … decades. What here was not calculable, predictable, visible long ago?


… because “Decision-Making” in America has become largely a question of Commerce and arm-twisting (when not neck-twisting — to the snapping point). People — many people — actually DIE due to this oligarchic little secret about who gets to decide nearlyeverything (food, water & air quality, medical treatment, what flows in our bloodstreams, who goes to jail, who can get into school, who gets a job or a house, should we go to war, etc.). Lobbyist-driven, rubber-stamping Congress Folk put on a spectacle, but who gets truly represented in this show? I don’t think it’s you or me.

So, what are we supposed to DO now if we want to save this “Democracy-Thingy” you say is now threatened?

During, lo, these decades of growing political encroachment on our lives and successive governments by the one-tenth-percent, exactly which of our political institutions even mentioned the danger to the Public, or suggested Resistance, or offered a Remedy? The Democratic Party — in which you and so many others seem to rely for “fairness” or something — not only did NOT point out to America that this derailment was taking place, but instead, chose to cover up the situation — PLUS they silenced or attacked anyone who dared bring up this uncomfortable topic of lost freedoms and usurped decision-making. To complicate this compromise, the “lesser-of-two-evils” party never saw a War-Machine Handout Benefit they didn’t just love, bless their patriotic souls. Trying, ever soooo hard, apparently, to keep America safe.

Anyone who commented on this sorry situation AS it was actually occurring over the decades, was ignored, called a kook or worse. Much worse. Witness Ralph Nader, Noam Chompsky, Howard Zinn, Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kucinich and others. So, now that the house is ON fire, we get liberals suggesting maybe it’s time we switch to lighter clothing because the heat is getting a bit intense. Thanks.

So. WHAT Democracy is it, Mr. Krugman, that is in danger of being lost, hmmmm? Are we talking abut the same thing here? The one I know about, the one outlined in our Constitution, has been absent a LONG time…

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