Syria: Once again, the attack is upon us, as well.

Words are what have gotten Obama into a difficult dilemma according to an article by Prof. Adil Shamoo, Forget Red Lines: Obama Should Eat His Words on Syria (in Foreign Policy in Focus via CommonDreams ). He should never have toyed with the “RedLine” metaphor and created the challenge to his credibility. That’s wrong, I’m afraid. That analysis is too personal about Obama, and almost forgiving. This is much bigger than one man, and one narrow focus on an incident.

credibility-msg-kid-dunesThis ain’t about words, Prof. Shamoo. Not directly. Not the words being said. Though it DOES concern a considerable LACK of, and misuse of, words. Far too much remains unspoken, unknowable to an anxious world, and specifically to a nation expected to foot the bills and suffer the consequences of this latest iteration of World Moral Police Syndrome.

The U.S. desire and willingness to go and engage militarily in Syria has its own impetus which is simply not being stated. The wordly debate and Congressional charade is ONLY about FINDING the verbal justifications/excuses that will satisfy enough Americans’ anxieties to “get away with” moving forward — strong enough to mask the real intentions, whatever they may be (proximity to Iran, most likely). It smacks of the period of WMD’s and mushroom clouds which preceded the invasion of Iraq.

Face it. Rather than poorly chosen words, this is all about hypocrisy and lies, and masking the true faces and motivations of the decision-makers, and decision-making institutions. It’s all just behind the Blue Curtain. Our fate in the hands of a closed Mystery Inquisitorial Collective, shaping the destinies of peoples, and the destinations of resources. Any wonder why they are SO concerned with secrecy? The U.S. has quite a long history of using, storing, selling and delivering varieties of chemical weapons used in at least Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. THAT’S the Hypocrisy and lies part missing from the sweet-sounding public words. Oh such false indignation in Kerry’s words. Has he no shame? As to WHO ELSE is behind this, and WHY (and I don’t mean the elected officials who may end up backing it, but rather the faceless ones who are twisting their arms or lining their pockets), THAT is the real reason they are putting whistleblowers in jails, while giving preemptive pardons to war criminals.

Death, pain and destruction in a foreign land, silence in your own. Here we go, making new friends again. Is this not enough to shame the moral patina from the pretenses coming out of the mouths of our so-called leaders. Why aren’t the churches admonishing the war-makers? Clearly, Death and Destruction is fine if done THEIR way, but telling the public about it or filming it and publishing details online can put one in jail.

Newspeak — words, not as meaningful concepts, but as flimsy shields to deflect unwanted criticism and complications from exposing often vicious plans.

That our supposedly law-abiding officials who swore an oath to a Constitution they repeatedly ignore and dilute, feel neither the need for national consensus to do something that further destroys our domestic economy and breaks international treaties which we have signed into law, and, in fact, may violate the current national consensus, is a worrisome large-scale departure from the rule of law and democratic principles. Only wisdom and knowledge is required to find solutions, not ego-posturing and macho brinksmanship. This is as embarrassing as it is dangerous.

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