On SUFFICIENCY in Surveillance-Land

Out-of-control SPYING is needed in a world by those whose false values and processes are destructive and dangerous to the vast majority, and produce natural self-defensive opposition by those simply seeking to live a decent life.

Among the most blind-sided values venerated by run-amok profiteers, is EFFICIENCY. So much of our world has bowed down before that deity.

“SUFFICIENCY,” on the other hand, is about getting what we NEED, not necessarily whatever we CAN. This has been clearly shown in a metaphor by the brilliant author and analyst Jeremy Rifkin. My wife, he said, is looking for her husband to be there for her in many ways, not merely as an efficient man. Efficiency is quite a different beast from sufficiency. With an enormously different outcome. It can be, and often is, totally divorced from both quality and desirability.

EFFICIENCY — getting the MOST, for the LEAST effort — very often completely misjudges Reality and Costs, though it pretends to be the best way to act. It often is a highly misused and distorted concept, twisted to justify the desires of some at the expense of others. It can be “efficient” to have and control cheap workers. It is not efficient to BE one.

Yes. Our Economic Wizards, our god-like self-declared “Masters of Profit and Loss” RARELY understand the most basic of notions … COST! Funny, isn’t it?

They IGNORE, or often don’t even SEE, any of the SOCIAL COSTS — those costs produced by their profit-making processes which are left for the surrounding society to pay. Like cleaning up runoff poisons dumped as “waste by-products” into our water supply. These are the costs of … Cleaning Up Their Messes. These may well be the result of their manufacturing (for their profits) — but they let the Public pay for it! Social costs.

How could they miss such a Basic Element while calculating their “bottom-lines”?
• Is it gross economic incompetence?
• Perhaps, they just like it that way, or,
• They might prefer it as simply cheaper — even though it is neither correct nor fair, or
• maybe, … they just don’t care.

That might make some of them liars, socio-paths, thieves, or worse.

How about the incredible health costs incurred by so many folks ingesting highly-promoted, and lowly-nutritious junk food lining our supermarket shelves?

NOTE: Dismissing the REAL Costs of Social Costs is not unlike dismissing Collateral Damage of drones. This is a Symptom of literally Delusional, Self-Righteous, Morally Bankrupt elements in a society.

“Let someone else pay,” they say. “Let them eat cake.”

Going forward, we should seek SUFFICIENCY — for a truly sane, solid, and sustainable world.

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