Single-Payer: Effective and Affordable … so what’s the problem? Here’s the REAL reason.

note: Single-Payer = Medicare for All here.
Many of those actively fighting universal healthcare tell us:

  • “Single-Payer doesn’t work.”
  • “It’s not practical.”
  • “It’s just not politically viable.”
  • “It costs tons of money, we don’t have.”
  • “[It] makes us wait weeks to see a doctor.”
  • “It’s Socialized Medicine.”

… and the opposition’s list goes on and on! But—believe it or not—the main reason Single-Payer is being opposed so strenuously … isn’t even on that list!

Yes. The MAIN reason for such strong & well-financed  opposition … is because … Single-Payer offers us … democracy & freedom!!
Huh?? Don’t believe it?! Follow the explanation below!

• But first, some important S-P facts are
… that Single-Payer healthcare actually does work … as attested to and appreciated by considerable majorities in every industrialized nation … except our own. Besides that, as things stand, healthcare in the United States is considered the most expensive and least effective among those same nations.¹ Where are our journalists to deal with that?

Research shows that over 60% of Americans approve of such a system being implemented here—a figure which would be considered a legal majority in a properly functioning democracy. On top of that, many medical professionals and citizens’ groups here have produced all sorts of documents, meetings and marches calling for “Universal Healthcare … NOW!”

Is it “socialized medicine”? Not at all. It’s an insurance program that pays for all services & providers. ONE insurance company for everybody. It’s not government medicine. Doctors & other providers are free agents and are NOT required to be employees of the government. They just all receive payments from the one insurer. “Single Payer” — get it?

So what gives? With so many positives, WHY is there such an opposition?
— Or better … why such a highly organized opposition?

Actually, the answer is fairly simple, as we will soon see.

Is that surprising to you? Face it, whenever we hear about opposition to any universal health plan, there are usually all sorts of complex reasons and statistics that are trotted out. Hardly seems “simple.”

Well, indeed, there are all sorts of “justifications” given by opponenents … but, in the end, they are all really just excuses, not reasons, — because nothing they say explains the successes and acceptance rates elsewhere around the globe.

Those supporting universal healthcare, on the other hand, offer myriad affirmative arguments in their articles, books, testimony, speeches, and marches. They show and speak of the many resulting benefits and savings, while they attack the negative comments of big business, the health insurance industry and politicians, citing all the inadequate and untrue excuses being “pushed upon” the public.

• The truth is, that even the supporters of Single-Payer actually make their own major tactical error by ignoring the true goals of those in opposition.

Sure, they tell us that organized opposition is about the threat to insurance company and Big Pharma profits. We can see that. But … they are missing a bigger underlying reason — which is actually the main reason. The deep reason: Democracy & Freedom. Single-Payer promotes them.

That’s the one reason which few, if any, express openly in public … because they nearly always miss its connection to the Single Payer issue.

This “main reason” for the organized opposition to a national healthcare plan only rarely appears in our media and is almost never mentioned in our mainstream media. Most recently, however, that reason has been stated quite clearly and accurately in Nancy MacLean’s latest book, Democracy in Chains.²

Observing how many fundamentalist, free-market interests have come together with their own “stealth plan for America,” MacLean expresses the REAL underlying reason for such vehement and nearly hysterical opposition to Single-Payer … which is that those pushing this “stealth plan” — are actively working to oppose democracy in the United States — in all its forms:

• “[They feel that] Democracy must be, in effect, shackled, to prevent the majority will from being expressed …” (our italics).

So … THIS … is what it’s all about: Working to Prevent Democracy! Ahh, but, who is telling us?

Those anti-democratic interests wanting to derail democracy in the USA feel that the True Majority (the People’s Will) must neither be heardnor empowered! And Single Payer does both!


ALSO … did you know? Single-Payer is a Freedom of Speech issue! Surprise!

How’s that? It FREES you from your employer, who is no longer involved in your health insurance! AND, at the same time, it frees employers from bureaucratic busy-work that only hinders them and wastes their time, money, and energy.

Like Europeans, you & your family would be fully insured for any illness, treatment or operation — even if you were fired!  With Single-Payer enacted, you can say whatever you want about your job or boss, even go on strike, change jobs … and run NO risk of losing your family’s healthcare. THAT is freedom. Freedom of speech. Of association. From worry.

THAT Freedom reduces Fear and Anxiety — making you not only freer … but making you healthier — all by itself! That alone might be one of the biggest advantages of Single-Payer.

All those opposition “reasons” handed us — like increased costs, delays, etc. — are really just secondary ones, used to create a negative public opinion. Distractions. The Oligarchy’s Biggest Goal? Ending democratic decision-making once and for all in America — without you finding out!

Right now, there are people, chosen or not by us, who create the Rules for everyone, … and the rest must merely follow. Single-Payer defies that. It strengthens people’s health … and dignity!

You see? Beyond providing quality healthcare to everyone, Single-Payer also results in:
Empowerment, Independence, & Freedom … for ordinary Americans.

THAT, you see, must be avoidedat all costs! Or so say our “Oligarch Bosses.”

You SEE? Those buying votes & political control all across America, don’t want Single-Payer — but they dare not tell us why!
They don’t want us to know … they just always want to get their way. Always.

No matter their party affiliation, power-brokers and their minions will say or do anything to prevent Single-Payer! Recently in California, it was a pharmaceutical-friendly Democratic head of the state assembly who stopped (!) state-based Single-Payer by blocking the majority-supported bill.³

These folks are very serious. Deadly serious. Tens of thousands needlessly die every year, as they continue to get their way.

3 D’s: the Duopoly Damns Democracy!

• Successfully achieving universal healthcare demands, therefore, revealing, exposing and opposing all those who are working hard to destroy democracy in the U.S. Nothing less. It’s a big chore.

It is up to us … to stop them!

Single-Payer would be a major VICTORY for the American People … and for democracy! Nothing less! Like in 1776, this would help free us from “the King’s Court.” We must work together!


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