Freedom Fries are back

In these days when a nation, its leaders, and media apparently seem not even to notice when an overwhelmingly popular winning majoritarian set of goals and desires are dismissed and “tossed under the bus” in a glaringly anti-democratic power grab, causing our electoral process to became a mockery as well as a fiction, it comes as little surprise that our Symbols, as well well as our Values (Facts, too), are all up for grabs.

Winners of the game (but not of a legitimate election), now muse about major tax self-benefits and possible war(s).

Our traditional power mongers and pundits today glibly speculate on the next set of upcoming “elections” as though nothing untoward or illegal had occurred in the last one.

For them … the People simply don’t exist — except to provide money and line up for occasional “votes.” A true Cosmetic Democracy.

Election 2016: like a rolling boulder smashing into a vehicle on the road, resulting in a trashed wreckage with glass, bones, blood, fatalities and some severely injured passengers, … but having the survivors get up, dust themselves off, limp and drag themselves around the wreck, catch rides and keep on moving, as though nothing inconvenient had happened at all.
— Oh, the wreckage gets removed, the boulder remains quite a while, but none of this … makes it into the news, so it never comes up in conversation. The traumatic incident is forgotten. We’re pretty much told what to remember. Life Goes On, Like It Never Happened.

The statue illustration shown here, though from a few years back, remains quite valid today, so it seems.

Click image to see an enlargement.

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