Kava-Naw I !

What on earth is WRONG with those people who have come to get the power to supposedly “represent us”?

And what’s WRONG with US for allowing it?

All this blather about being the Great or Exceptional Nation, and our system of choosing so-called leaders can easily result in giving us individuals who can stand up publicly and INSIST on pushing ahead with their decisions, even if they are seen to be blatantly non-logical, non-ethical, and non-humane.

This entire discussion about behavior from decades ago not being valid in the decision to support a supreme court nominee is such an example. Not even taking into account the falseness of such an argument, as seen in an article published by Ms. Jill Richardson of the Organic Consumers Association who discussed the long-term effects of past traumas, we all seem to forget or miss the point that this is not about going to trial or issuing a sentence for past incidents, but SIMPLY attempting to establish the Bona-Fides and Qualities of a person who will stand in judgement over millions of people for the Rest of His Life!

I repeat, …  stand in judgement over us all for his entire life!

Do not the people of this nation understand that we must not allow serious moral or mental doubts about such a person?

Even if it is not so clear anymore, do we not still pretend, at least, that this is a Democracy, and that all citizens should be entitled to relatively equal treatment?? A doubtful soul in the Supreme Court, VIOLATES this basic premise.

So we should not be judging the relative weight of evidences of past behavior as though this were about actually convicting an individual. Instead, any such doubtful candidate who sparks an uproar about judgement, personal, or otherwise, should CEASE to BE CONSIDERED. Period. Find someone else. Time to Move On!

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