KAVA-Naw II – Legality and Our Future

Should Kavanaugh be voted onto the Court, law offices, law schools, and lawyer organizations ought to find a way to publicly ignore or negate the validity of SCOTUS decisions once he is seated.

The very incomplete “FBI Investigation” was aimed at addressing accusations without speaking to the accusers, but far more importantly, it seems NOT to have addressed the LIES made to our government under oath during the hearing, and for years before. THAT alone is disqualifying!

Is anybody ALIVE out there???

How can we ALLOW such a blatant law-wrenching travesty to occur to our nation … and passively accept it … as though it were a “legal” process??

THIS is EASILY as serious as a physical attack by some foreign enemy … but this time the attackers are domestic. Democracy … and Decency … are under seige in America.

WHAT??? We accept the Oligarchs’ RULES, even when they are obviously CROOKED?? Who ARE we??

We SHAME the history of the Nation if we lie down and accept this lifetime distortion to our Legal System!

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