Democracy and Elections as a Popularity Contest

Arriving At the ‘Acceptible’

In an article featuring former senator Barney Frank’s opposition to the Green New Deal as “a loser”, CNBC described the overall 2020 race for president with many now and soon-to-be Democratic candidates for president, … played its role as a Mainstream Media Bot by not including Tulsi Gabbard’s name on the list, even though she is a declared candidate, and has one the most unique positions on U.S. foreign policy among ALL candidates.

Good God, THAT could lead some voters to actually … THINK … about the practice of creating Regime-Change Wars to overthrow governments that WE (the U.S.) declare to be … “non-democratic.”

Since over 60% of this nation has shown itself desirable of Medicare-for-All Healthcare, why will our Congress not even discuss it? Would you call that democratic? Hey, “Representatives”: Majority = 50%+1 (that refers to the number of voting People). Remember THAT?

Cash contributions are not to be considered a determinant of … Majority. Remember THAT?

True-to-form, our Corporate owned-and-run BW (brainwashing) Media sources TELL us what to think, rather than report on issues and facts.

Barney Frank: Green New Deal ‘would be a loser’ for Democrats

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