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Kava-Naw I !

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

What on earth is WRONG with those people who have come to get the power to supposedly “represent us”?

And what’s WRONG with US for allowing it?

All this blather about being the Great or Exceptional Nation, and our system of choosing so-called leaders can easily result in giving us individuals who can stand up publicly and INSIST on pushing ahead with their decisions, even if they are seen to be blatantly non-logical, non-ethical, and non-humane.

This entire discussion about behavior from decades ago not being valid in the decision to support a supreme court nominee is such an example. Not even taking into account the falseness of such an argument, as seen in an article published by Ms. Jill Richardson of the Organic Consumers Association who discussed the long-term effects of past traumas, we all seem to forget or miss the point that this is not about going to trial or issuing a sentence for past incidents, but SIMPLY attempting to establish the Bona-Fides and Qualities of a person who will stand in judgement over millions of people for the Rest of His Life!

I repeat, …  stand in judgement over us all for his entire life!

Do not the people of this nation understand that we must not allow serious moral or mental doubts about such a person?

Even if it is not so clear anymore, do we not still pretend, at least, that this is a Democracy, and that all citizens should be entitled to relatively equal treatment?? A doubtful soul in the Supreme Court, VIOLATES this basic premise.

So we should not be judging the relative weight of evidences of past behavior as though this were about actually convicting an individual. Instead, any such doubtful candidate who sparks an uproar about judgement, personal, or otherwise, should CEASE to BE CONSIDERED. Period. Find someone else. Time to Move On!

Interfering in Elections — a bad thing, right?

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

In the News: Distortions influence our election process!


Yanks “to the rescue” in Russia, ’96.
When WE mess with voting, it’s fine!

Russians, they say, are hacking our votes. That’s … alarming!

On this topic, however, before we’re all overcome with xenophobia, just maybe … we should take a look in the mirror!

The U.S. might not sport the Number One healthcare system in the world, but it seems we do lead the globe in our ability to interfere with and alter elections — both here and abroad.

Statistics and history for this abound, so this is hardly speculation. Across the globe and for over a century.¹ Haiti, Greece, Italy, Iran, Chile, VietNam, Guatemala, the Philippines, among others, come to mind. Whatever WE do to others…is right, right?

Not only have we done it, we seem to be proud of it! Just check out the 1996 Time cover story about “Yanks” helping elect Yeltsin.

How dare we pretend to be so serious about our own hypocrisy?

Do local forces ever “interfere” here, at home? Hmm?

Domestically, do not some of our own forces play games, deciding who here gets to vote … and how? Or even whether those votes actually get counted? Practices such as gerrymandering of districts and the very Electoral College itself serve to distort and dis-serve the desires of those of our citizens who even come out to vote (the media works hard to keep many at home). Add to that, there are machine “results” that are often unable to be verified.

And that’s only the start. The Monopoly of the Duopoly (D’s & R’s agreeing behind closed doors) affects many diverse aspects of hearing and knowing about the true concerns and wishes of our citizenry (a process often referred to as ‘democracy’). They include:

  • How election laws are made and whose interests they serve
  • The number of signatures and dollars needed to get onto the ballot can vary by party — & each state is has its own laws that often differ widely. This is called “state rights freedom” by some, and a clear lack of democracy by others
  • Who gets to vote? Varies by state. WHY? WHO can honestly say any variation should occur, especially when we are voting for president or other national offices?
  • Which candidates…and parties…are allowed to be heard in public forums and debates
  • Why there is no Free Time for candidates on TV, as there are in so many countries
  • Why do we lack Proportional Representation, which allows  different opinions to have a voice, if they represent a significant minority (See
  • Why don’t we always elect our presidents and other officials with a Majority Vote, 51%+ of the voters … to be truly democratic. But we don’t in the U.S.! How do we justify that? Easy ways to fix this include:

— Ranked-Choice Voting — an easily adopted system that always produces this majority … and in just one voting session, without the need for a runoff election! (See

• A corollary to this is: “binding NONA”. Nona? Yes, an official “None Of The Above” ballot entry so you can actually vote “NO” to ALL the candidates if you like none of them.
A “binding” NONA means that if, after counting votes, NONA should actually “win” the majority of votes, then that part of the election must be re-done … to end up with a majority winning human!

  • Why don’t we free up televised debate rules taking control from the “two major parties” (the Duopoly to many), to allow other significant Voices & Choices in our so-called Land of Free Speech and Opportunity? We should do that, if for nothing else than to bring out voters who might otherwise stay home! The League of Women Voters used to run them, but the Duopoly resolved to take them over, to the detriment of any other voices … or choices … that may be out there seeking support.
    — NEWS FLASH! Wearing an American flag lapel pin does not automatically make you a patriot defending the Constitution.
  • The way many such diverse factors can come together to distort an election, can be clearly seen in Greg Palast’s film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy which describes Florida’s role in determining the 2000 presidential race. Having the President’s state campaign representative also be in charge of the state’s voting rules wouldn’t create any conflict, would it? The Presisdent’s brother being the Governor would not have any connection with that either, could it? Sounds pure 3rd world!

MOST of these measures must be dealt with if we ever wish to have Free and Fair elections here in the USA.

The changes required to increase fairness and representativity (essential for democracy) have been actively opposed for decades by a number of institutions and well-heeled individuals,  some of whom are mentioned above. In other words, to say that there is active, full-time opposition to measures to improve elections here, is no exaggeration whatsoever.
— If some forces (largely of the top 0.1%) do not want to change electoral practices to better represent people right here, just imagine how they are willing to ignore … or even destroy … such practices in other lands.

The Voices and Concerns of The American People are barely ever considered in this process we label “elections” and describe as Democracy. We are then told we send our young to fight and die abroad to defend these practices — even in lands where our policies have disrupted other peoples’ elections, even toppling democratically-elected governments. We must be more than concerned about how elections are perceived … and run.

This is no laughing matter. As a “collective” force, our nation is getting very good at this. And now, just as we can see our civil police importing and using the uniforms, materials and practices of our overseas armed forces on our own people, so it seems are we using similar practices regarding the relationship of the population to their ability to voice their preferences in a way that keeps them in charge of their own government, as expressed in our Constitution.

Elements to be considered:

Media – constant presence, “direction-ing”  impressions, pushing certain issues and candidates, while ignoring and excluding others, when not cynically distorting facts; creating a strong influence on the nature and intent of public “debates”, all in all, impeding anything resembling a truly well-informed public. THAT … is the opposite of journalism!

Electronic Voting, how those “providing the service” got selected, how their machines and internal circuits work, & what secrets they might hold which can effect results. How and by whom are we hampered from checking those results?

U.S. Influence in foreign elections. As we have seen, there is a long history of U.S. Influence … both mild and Major … in other countries’ elections — from sponsoring candidates, supplying money, troop training, arrests of candidates, media campaigns, toppling elected officials … and even invasions. Iran, Chile, Indonesia, VietNam, Guatemala, the Philippines, Nicaragua, to name a few.
• We have shown we can do it abroad — just how many of these “shenanigans” (and outright crimes) have been practiced right here?

Citizens United … perhaps the BIGGEST lie of them all. Corporations with the “rights” of citizens.
• Huge, UNKNOWN quantities of money and influence from hidden “donors” being called “Free Speech.” With all that money, might they not influence myriad elections, in a way that serves the donors more than the voters?? Hmmm?? Could they?

The Russian Factor. Given the above information for STARTERS, to talk of “Russian influence” on our elections — given these huge and constant influences that are regularly “part and parcel” of our own so-called “system” — is really a joke!

— No matter what and how much Russians might or might not have actually done, they could never begin to approach the ongoing and long-term effectiveness of, say, a Dow Chemical, Exxon, Pfizer, Goldman-Sachs, or a Koch brothers group, in altering our very own election results. Then, there’s the RNC & DNC themselves, with media and lobbyist connections. Let’s face it — the American Experience with Voting is hardly “free.”
— But we have been “taught” that somehow all that “stuff” is NOT interference with expressing our free will through voting. Oh, yeah, … really?
— So, by all means, let’s blame someone else, for what we created and permit to continue without question.

• Are we blind? Can we really no longer SEE … or have we lost the ability to judge and interpret?

Democracy, … it is not.
It is time to get off our butts, talk about it, then fix it, … while we still have a chance!

¹ As even the Washington Post & Huffingtonpost explain:

Single-Payer: Effective and Affordable … so what’s the problem? Here’s the REAL reason.

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

note: Single-Payer = Medicare for All here.
Many of those actively fighting universal healthcare tell us:

  • “Single-Payer doesn’t work.”
  • “It’s not practical.”
  • “It’s just not politically viable.”
  • “It costs tons of money, we don’t have.”
  • “[It] makes us wait weeks to see a doctor.”
  • “It’s Socialized Medicine.”

… and the opposition’s list goes on and on! But—believe it or not—the main reason Single-Payer is being opposed so strenuously … isn’t even on that list!

Yes. The MAIN reason for such strong & well-financed  opposition … is because … Single-Payer offers us … democracy & freedom!!
Huh?? Don’t believe it?! Follow the explanation below!

• But first, some important S-P facts are
… that Single-Payer healthcare actually does work … as attested to and appreciated by considerable majorities in every industrialized nation … except our own. Besides that, as things stand, healthcare in the United States is considered the most expensive and least effective among those same nations.¹ Where are our journalists to deal with that?

Research shows that over 60% of Americans approve of such a system being implemented here—a figure which would be considered a legal majority in a properly functioning democracy. On top of that, many medical professionals and citizens’ groups here have produced all sorts of documents, meetings and marches calling for “Universal Healthcare … NOW!”

Is it “socialized medicine”? Not at all. It’s an insurance program that pays for all services & providers. ONE insurance company for everybody. It’s not government medicine. Doctors & other providers are free agents and are NOT required to be employees of the government. They just all receive payments from the one insurer. “Single Payer” — get it?

So what gives? With so many positives, WHY is there such an opposition?
— Or better … why such a highly organized opposition?

Actually, the answer is fairly simple, as we will soon see.

Is that surprising to you? Face it, whenever we hear about opposition to any universal health plan, there are usually all sorts of complex reasons and statistics that are trotted out. Hardly seems “simple.”

Well, indeed, there are all sorts of “justifications” given by opponenents … but, in the end, they are all really just excuses, not reasons, — because nothing they say explains the successes and acceptance rates elsewhere around the globe.

Those supporting universal healthcare, on the other hand, offer myriad affirmative arguments in their articles, books, testimony, speeches, and marches. They show and speak of the many resulting benefits and savings, while they attack the negative comments of big business, the health insurance industry and politicians, citing all the inadequate and untrue excuses being “pushed upon” the public.

• The truth is, that even the supporters of Single-Payer actually make their own major tactical error by ignoring the true goals of those in opposition.

Sure, they tell us that organized opposition is about the threat to insurance company and Big Pharma profits. We can see that. But … they are missing a bigger underlying reason — which is actually the main reason. The deep reason: Democracy & Freedom. Single-Payer promotes them.

That’s the one reason which few, if any, express openly in public … because they nearly always miss its connection to the Single Payer issue.

This “main reason” for the organized opposition to a national healthcare plan only rarely appears in our media and is almost never mentioned in our mainstream media. Most recently, however, that reason has been stated quite clearly and accurately in Nancy MacLean’s latest book, Democracy in Chains.²

Observing how many fundamentalist, free-market interests have come together with their own “stealth plan for America,” MacLean expresses the REAL underlying reason for such vehement and nearly hysterical opposition to Single-Payer … which is that those pushing this “stealth plan” — are actively working to oppose democracy in the United States — in all its forms:

• “[They feel that] Democracy must be, in effect, shackled, to prevent the majority will from being expressed …” (our italics).

So … THIS … is what it’s all about: Working to Prevent Democracy! Ahh, but, who is telling us?

Those anti-democratic interests wanting to derail democracy in the USA feel that the True Majority (the People’s Will) must neither be heardnor empowered! And Single Payer does both!


ALSO … did you know? Single-Payer is a Freedom of Speech issue! Surprise!

How’s that? It FREES you from your employer, who is no longer involved in your health insurance! AND, at the same time, it frees employers from bureaucratic busy-work that only hinders them and wastes their time, money, and energy.

Like Europeans, you & your family would be fully insured for any illness, treatment or operation — even if you were fired!  With Single-Payer enacted, you can say whatever you want about your job or boss, even go on strike, change jobs … and run NO risk of losing your family’s healthcare. THAT is freedom. Freedom of speech. Of association. From worry.

THAT Freedom reduces Fear and Anxiety — making you not only freer … but making you healthier — all by itself! That alone might be one of the biggest advantages of Single-Payer.

All those opposition “reasons” handed us — like increased costs, delays, etc. — are really just secondary ones, used to create a negative public opinion. Distractions. The Oligarchy’s Biggest Goal? Ending democratic decision-making once and for all in America — without you finding out!

Right now, there are people, chosen or not by us, who create the Rules for everyone, … and the rest must merely follow. Single-Payer defies that. It strengthens people’s health … and dignity!

You see? Beyond providing quality healthcare to everyone, Single-Payer also results in:
Empowerment, Independence, & Freedom … for ordinary Americans.

THAT, you see, must be avoidedat all costs! Or so say our “Oligarch Bosses.”

You SEE? Those buying votes & political control all across America, don’t want Single-Payer — but they dare not tell us why!
They don’t want us to know … they just always want to get their way. Always.

No matter their party affiliation, power-brokers and their minions will say or do anything to prevent Single-Payer! Recently in California, it was a pharmaceutical-friendly Democratic head of the state assembly who stopped (!) state-based Single-Payer by blocking the majority-supported bill.³

These folks are very serious. Deadly serious. Tens of thousands needlessly die every year, as they continue to get their way.

3 D’s: the Duopoly Damns Democracy!

• Successfully achieving universal healthcare demands, therefore, revealing, exposing and opposing all those who are working hard to destroy democracy in the U.S. Nothing less. It’s a big chore.

It is up to us … to stop them!

Single-Payer would be a major VICTORY for the American People … and for democracy! Nothing less! Like in 1776, this would help free us from “the King’s Court.” We must work together!


N.Y. TIMES worried about threats to democracy? Oh, really?

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Frequently appearing as worrisome  public narratives are the fears of external threats to U.S. democracy, be they bricks-and-mortar attacks or cracks appearing in the basic legal underpinnings of our nation.

The below-referenced TIMES article goes there, … but effectively gets it UPSIDE-DOWN … seriously adding to our confusion.

The piece aims to disclose potentially damaging ramifications of what they say is Russia’s social media “warfare” against the U.S.

— “If there has ever been a clarion call for vigilance and action against a threat to the very foundation of our democratic political system, this episode is it,” former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Congress — as stated in the article.


WE in the U.S., of course, … would NEVER do anything to create — or further — an “information war against global democracy,” undermine another nation’s sovereignty, or interfere in their elections, … would we? [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] Neither, heaven forbid, would we use REAL war techniques like soldiers or bombs or drones to disrupt internal affairs abroad, would we? No …, not US!

Among the tremendous ironies, disinformation, and outright lies of such a major and “serious” article, is the TOTAL ABSENCE OF AWARENESS of just HOW MUCH our own home-grown oligarchy with their bought-and-paid-for media empire and cash-driven political machinery … are indeed actively engaged in multiple levels of attacking, dismantling, and destroying whatever remains of a functional democracy right here, in the USA — one that should consistently hear, reflect, respect, … and serve … the American People!

This would just be a perverse joke, … were it not so deadly serious for us all, and for the planet. Here we have many local proponents actively tearing down democratic practices & institutions both domestically and abroad, while screaming about their concerns over possible “Russian influences” upon our internal politics! Sounds like it’s coming from SNL! Obfuscating what really goes on right here daily by controlling “news coverage,” is how they cover-up their own true actions and roles.

Yes. We SHOULD be afraid … afraid of those arrogant domestic automatons constantly chipping away at our rights and freedoms … and of those home-grown individuals paid good money to call themselves “journalists” while misleading us and even hiding from us major realities that they themselves might not even be capable of perceiving, … much less comprehending!

— based upon “Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America”

Walk AWAY … From the Edge!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

This article refers to Tom Englehardt’s Tom Dispatch piece “Was 11/8 a New 9/11?: The Election That Changed Everything and Could Prove History’s Deal-Breaker” which was re-published in Common Dreams.

Englehardt’s comments and dire scenarios of planetary demise are well-founded, if frightening.

Some ESSENTIALS are missing from his focus, however.

If ANYTHING can be done at all to alter this, we MUST begin with a knowledge that this has been coming for quite some time, and that the Trump Zoo of Non-believers is just the latest version of a story we have been UNWILLING to SEE all along … literally for decades!

• Trump is the fruit … not the seed!

For years I have been fond of saying that …
• the Republicans march us like lemmings over a cliff’s edge to planetary disaster.
… whereas, …
• the Democrats would have us hold hands, march us “over the river and through the woods” — singing Kumbaya — yet take us to the edge of the very same cliff … only somewhat later — so maybe we feel a bit better about it.

… but, of course, …

It is not so funny anymore. If anything, the Trump Phenomenon just makes our Colossal Historical Hubris much more palpable. But it was COMING ANYWAY … whether R’s or D’s were in charge, … since our TRUE BOSSES and Decision-Makers are really UNELECTED Corporatists with a Pathological ROI-Mindset … and with NO regard for the concepts of democracy, compassion, people … or planet.

Avoiding this dire scenario required MUCH MORE than avoiding a Trump victory in 2016 … and most Americans STILL do not get that!!!

We must move in new directions … and as soon as possible. One group offering some serious precautions, warnings … AND available solutions to multiple problems is the Green Party.  While not the only answer, they have been consistently repeating the ESSENCE of this larger message … for over two DECADES!! As a non-corporate-funded group, they have, for all sorts of reasons, been … unable … or prevented … or both … from having their QUITE CORRECT Basic Messages being either heard or understood by the general public!

Beyond their own internal squabbling, there have been very active forces on the outside using Electoral Deceptive Practices and Falsehoods, lack of media coverage, outright media lies, ballot access rules, … and more … to stop and to silence ALL 3rd parties and Voices of Reason in this COUNTRY!!! That is a blatantly anti-democratic and unconstitutional slap in The People’s face!

Basically, if it makes sense or sheds light on the Truth, it will most likely NOT make it into the “News.”

One glaring example: The continual  prohibition of True Debates which must include all qualified voices. That is symbolic of our self-imposed deafness and blindness.

Democracy has been distorted and dying here for quite some time.

Face it! This already IS an Authoritarian State, … even if the ownership details have yet to be worked out.

A People-Centered MAJORITY exists … now!

One of the greatest IRONIES here, is that 2016, in truth, displayed the First Big Wave of People-Centered Thinking and Action seen for many decades in the U.S.

— In fact, 2016 is NOT best represented by the supposed “huge wave of dark-matter Fascism” led by Trump. Not even close! It may SEEM that way at first glance, but that is false.

SANDERS’ huge Public Successes and receptivity featuring our Future — the Millennials — along with Jill Stein and others’ messages, combine to HIGHLIGHT this tremendous People’s Agenda … for Progress! Education, Healthcare, Climate-sustainability, safe air, water & food, justice, infrastructure repair, fair elections … and more! People DO Want Change … and are READY for CHANGE.

It is the DUOPOLY … led by BOTH Republicans and Democrats (who thoroughly sabotaged the progressive Sanders Phenomenon), that fight and hide this Truth, ultimately leading us all to a more blind Trumpist Version of Planetary Suicide. But BOTH establishment parties were and are taking us THERE.

Within the Duopoly … there IS NO answer!

FACE IT! This is not merely opinion anymore … it is TIME to FACE it … Or FAIL!

UNTIL we understand this, any “solutions” we attempt will be FRUITLESS!

Prime-Time, Fantasy Unity-Time DNC Puts Disney to Shame

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

(from the BernieSanders FB site on the Monday of the DNC in Philly)
I hear and share the disappointment of many here. Yet I understand that the solid, seriousness of the programs discussed by Bernie in his national campaigns & rallies, about education, healthcare, banks, prison, TPP and more, ARE important for the future of this nation and indeed the world. That these issues are rebutted or glossed over by the Machine-DNC is galling at best.

— Their campaign is based upon fear of Trump and intimidation, but not of the vision and courage to make our democracy work for us all, as it COULD and SHOULD.Berners At Convention

— While Trump clearly is the Beacon for Bigots, this Elite-driven DNC represents the cold, calculating lengths to which our corporate oligarchy is willing to go to maintain THEIR control over the Power Structures of the Nation and to marginalize America’s People from any process of governance.

— They could, in a flash, nominate Bernie, roundly defeating Trump, their declared nemesis and bringing new millions of people into the process. But for those heartless vultures, Bernie is the UNDECLARED nemesis they set out to destroy … and basically DID.

—Then they BLAME the Victims (an old Dem favorite Game): don’t yell, don’t complain, don’t boo, don’t be disrespectful, don’t leave the party … etc. It is a childish playground bully mentality that is reflected SQUARELY in our current foreign policy. We do what we WANT to do to whomever we name or blame, … then cry: “Do not complain, do not fight back, resistance is futile”, etc. — OR, we’ll attack you, drone you, steal your election … whatever.

— You SEE, WE too … are treated … as Enemies if we seek fairness, economic justice, participation, … democracy. That’s how they have treated the Sanders movement: as enemies. There is a war on democracy in the USA, and Dems do their part, when not pretending that it does not exist.

— So all their sweet staged words do NOT compensate. We are their enemy, they thus are ours … or at least enemies of democracy, fairness, decency, and our Constitution … and of their OWN Rules, to be honest. Their “superdelegates” (Supermen?) are REQUIRED to vote for Sanders who is the most likely to win, but they will NOT.

— I, for one will NOT sleep with the enemy.

Can Democrats be changed? One thought on that question.

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

“Dems are lost cause” says man who ran Nader’s campaign in Florida

Over several decades, progressives have claimed their efforts were guided by the goal to change the Democratic Party from the inside, and, as the Progressive Democrats of America claim, from the outside as well. Any progress? Have any of their efforts succeeded? [Read original KATU interview]. Do the still oft-repeated “spoiler” claims of of the 2000 race which brought W to the White House, have validity?

“Spoilers” & Ranked Choice Voting
Must there never be a challenge to the two-party system? Are there any ways third party candidates could legitimately be heard and run without upsetting “the horserace”? Ranked-choice voting (a popular example of which is IRV, or Instant Runoff Voting) claims to allow voters to chose multiple candidates, and prioritize them, so that if their 1st choice does not win, their vote goes to the 2nd choice, and so on. Would that be difficult to achieve? 

“IRV works like this: Voters are asked to rank their candidate preferences when they vote. Voters indicate their first, second, and third choices in every contested race. If no candidate receives a majority of votes after tallying all of the first choice votes, the bottom vote getter is eliminated, and the voters who had selected that last place finisher as their first choice then have their second preferences counted instead. This algorithm repeats until a majority outcome is achieved, and a winner is declared. Naturally, if there is a majority winner in the first round of tallying votes, then there is no need to go to second preferences.”
— a definition from The Matt Gonzalez Reader

If, for example, IRV, were able to eliminate completely the so-called Spoiler Effect, then why wouldn’t the Democrats who claim Nader “spoiled” Gore’s chances in 2000, do everything in their power to help us GET this remedy? Why, in fact, would they actively OPPOSE it, like they did in the San Francisco mayoral race in 2002? They brought in heavy-hitters like Gore and Bill  to get a last-minute court injunction against IRV to keep likely winner County Board of Supervisor President (and Green candidate) Matt Gonzalez from winning with an IRV coalition vote, and get THEIR candidate into office. It seems they are really about control, any way they can get it.

Could it be they just don’t want to confront any truly progressive opposition — either from the outside like Nader or Gonzalez, — or as with Sanders in 2016, from the inside, either? Maybe … they are just opposed to … democracy … and its rules … anything “of, by and for” the People.

Interview & Article
How does this relate to the idea that the Democratic Party is … a “lost cause”? That is a conclusion of an interview by Portland’s KATU which gives a glimpse at the rationale behind this claim. The title is “Man who ran Nader’s campaign in Florida & supports Sanders says Dems are lost cause.” Read the full interview.

[What really happened in Florida in 2000?]


Killing the Messenger … a Few Thoughts

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

On June 28th, progressive news site Common Dreams made an unusual plea for operating cost donations. They are running short in their latest campaign, and indicate that at least some of the more typical “larger” donations have fallen off … because the donors were unhappy with … the treatment CD had given their favorite candidate, … Hillary.

CD published this as a story/plea with the title “Killing the Messenger” … thus our own title. There is a link to the original article below.

Given how the Hillary campaign has treated ANYTHING modestly “progressive” during this “election cycle” — and especially after the antics of their Platform Committee this week, trashing all crucial progressive proposals. I just found it necessary to send their editor a letter on the situation in which Common Dreams finds itself. My letter follows:

Dear Editor and CD staff,

It is a shame that you find yourself in this position. I read your message and wish I could personally help more at this moment … .

Nevertheless I felt I wished to comment on what you have shown, to help find the most appropriate solutions.

You say you seem to have lost some of your “larger” donors, a number of whom have written you complaining about your coverage of Bernie and lack of support for Hillary — if I understand correctly.

This is bad. Bad for you … and thus bad for those of us who turn to you.

However, it is no coincidence that “larger” donors may favor Hillary. Nor is it a coincidence that they would berate or attack you for having favored a candidate favoring a People’s Agenda. This is EXACTLY what Hillary Democrats have done to the Sanders campaign from the get-go. They oppose his policy ideas, his reasoning, his supporters, his campaign in general … ACT to HARM our ability to see and incorporate a New Agenda of actual democracy in our nation … AND they make threats.

There is a perfect parallel in today’s ragged political scheme. People are pressured to vote AGAINST, not FOR. Much of the pressure comes from economic origins. CD has been more than lax on 3rd party coverage, even when it fits clearly into your stated goals. Jill Stein, now polling at 7% for example, is getting more coverage on CNN and DN! than on your site. Bias always exists in any situation and is hard to avoid completely, but now, I fear, you are seeing the results of some biases being thrown back into your face.

Democrats who wish to “control” their impressions in the progressive public, now seem to be doing what they did to Sanders, et. al., … to you.

They PRESUME that if you are to get their money, you are to reflect THEIR thinking and politics, and celebrate THEIR candidate … even if there are thousands of reasons her agenda, partners, and goals have NOTHING to do with your publication. This past week of solid BETRAYALS to progressive policies brought to the Platform Committee of the Democratic Party only reinforces the immense gap between their Lip Service PR and a continual LACK of interest and willingness to address the needs of working America: dealing with minimum wage, universal healthcare, education costs, fracking, climate, TPP, etc.

They desire to act like Republican Light for their sponsors … with no blame or recriminations from anyone. Beyond hypocrisy.

They seem to have but ONE message for America today: CLICK your heels because of Donald Trump … then shut up and vote.

I can feel your pain in terms of donations, but these people — in SPITE of what they may think — do not OWN you just because they can muster “larger” donations. That seems to be how they see the world. Common Dreams does not.

You must find ways to succeed, that do not succumb to this kind of blackmail which frighteningly has largely become the Democratic modus operandi. Right now they are applying this kind of blackmail to … the ENTIRE nation. We ALL suffer. We must ALL find solutions. We must ALL refuse … to CAVE IN.

The original article: 

Brazil, USA, Dems, the Glass Ceiling … & Democracy

Friday, June 17th, 2016

— Reflections on Mark Weisbrot’s The Brazilian Coup and Washington’s “Rollback” in Latin America and our notions of democracy — here, and abroad

Glass Ceiling? … On Women Presidents?
•  The USA (Power, Parties & Media) talks a lot about possibly getting its first female president, even while it is totally silent as the first woman president of Brazil is being illegally removed from office … with our help.

— Deceit & hypocrisy, anyone?

Weisbrot spoke of seeing newly-elected Lula in Porto Alegre at the World Social Forum, standing under a sign denouncing U.S. war plans in Iraq. It was actually January 2003, though, not 2002, Mark.

Attending that Social Forum, there were organizations and NGO’s from all over the globe. That included the U.S. Green Party. There was no representation, however, from the United States’ Democratic Party to such a world-wide Peoples’ Event. Nor that year, nor ever, … and we should be mindful of that fact.

• It was a few months later that in Miami, Clinton, Dems and friends faced off with the AFL-CIO & other pro-labor groups (including the Green Party) to push for yet another NAFTA-type “trade” agreement—the FTAA—and its thoroughly undemocratic deals leading to their culmination in today’s TPP. For the first time at a U.S. public event, we saw a military-equipped police force (armed and dressed by the Iraq war budget) throw senior citizens and others to the ground for … protesting.

• At one public event in Miami, union leaders, ever-loyal to their precious DNC, prevented both Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader from being allowed as speakers at the main rally. I attended the meetings where that prohibition was decided, albeit against many opposing votes. Ultimately, Dems went on to screw their union “friends'” positions (despite their displayed loyalty) on the trade deal, just as it had done so many times before. All led … by … Clinton.

Unionists warned Greens at the Rally, “you had better not ‘spoil’ the next election, running your own candidate” even as they themselves had censored the best speakers available for the event.

— SO, very little new has happened this year with the Democratic Party … though the specific Clinton has changed. They still betray workers and attack or silence anyone who DEFENDS the working class and questions our oligarchic status quo.

— The Sanders phenomenon indicates the first wide-spread skepticism and revolt in decades. Even Carter says we live in an oligarchy and not a democracy. And was Bernie ATTACKED now, as were Kucinich & Nader in 2000 & 2003? Any doubts? See a pattern?

— Sanders was indeed attacked … by the PARTY … and by the Media. Certain subjects are taboo for the oligarchic-owned Dems in oligarchic-run USA. In 16 years we see things have only gotten WORSE! Yet the deaf & dumb Hillbots are still out there telling us that WE … are a threat.

Glass Ceiling? … Thoughts On Women Presidents.

Today, the U.S. (the one envisioned by Hillary) is mum on the Coup currently occurring in our largest Southern neighbor and ally, Brazil. They were a bit more vocal and evident in Honduras. While the outcome in Brazil is as yet unknown, our government has obscenely abandoned supporting democratic principles there, to encourage new policies of the “temporary” government which, among other things, make Brazilian resources readily available to buy.

— It appears our own government wants to head back to the days of Latin America staying in our back yard, minding our orders. That is also the way that Democrats rule, so it seems.

•  The USA (power, parties & media) talks of getting its first female president, even as it is totally silent while the first woman president in Brazil is being illegally removed … with our help.

— Deceit & hypocrisy, anyone?

see: The Brazilian Coup and Washington’s “Rollback” in Latin America

“They Hate Us for Our Freedoms”

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

“They Hate Us for Our Freedoms.”

When W. Bush pronounced this about supposed cave-dewlling adversaries out to destroy the fundaments of our democracy, how many thought this might as well refer to the U.S. Supreme Court?

Apparently, there were earthquakes in both Chile and Washington, D.C. today.

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These two pieces in CommonDreams give a taste of what SCOTUS has in mind for this year’s definition of “democracy.”