Shredding Democracy for Fun & Profit

There are both credible and visible reasons to impeach Dick Cheney. Not often seen, but of equal importance is his consistent attempts to thwart democracy from functioning in this nation and elsewhere. From his early years in power attacks on the Freedom of Information Act to his behind-closed-doors-with-Enron-and-friends so-called national “Energy Policy,” he has eschewed the voice and participation of the American people at every turn. In effect, his collective “works” have been and continue to be a constant threat to our democracy. We need not look abroad, as he would have us do, to find those who would “attack our freedoms.”

We want — and we deserve — to know who was there and what transpired in those “energy policy” meetings. There are many indications that if we go there, we will find out WHY we went into Iraq and why we are told we need to “stay the course” — until agreements with oil company buddies are finalized with the chimeric Iraqi “government.”

Congress should take action. Never in the history of this nation has there been such blatant disregard for people, laws, and rights. This is the most abusive, secretive and self-centered regime to ever hold power here. From their assault on the electorate in 2000, through the War in Iraq to the attack on public libraries and people’s private affairs, Bush and company have muscled into where they don’t belong, fooling with doubletalk, smoke and mirrors, big dollars, and a bought-out press, too many people and large parts of our Congress. For sheer lying about the need for war and attempts to cover up their plans and incompetencies, they should be impeached.

Impeachable offenses were committed just in the aftermath of 911, if not before or during: the one crying out for redress: TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE!!

In all three 911 sites, all physical evidence was scooped up, carted out or buried beneath concrete before any investigation could take place. That’s a federal crime. Tampering with evidence!! That’s EXACTLY what happened in NYC, DC, and PA. How in hell did they get away with that? When have you heard THAT mentioned in the media or by a single one of our “representatives” in Congress???

Time to impeach. Indeed.